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Item #: SCP-218

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-218 is to be contained in a standard Euclid-class containment cell. An administrative staff personnel is to monitor SCP-218 to insure containment. The area SCP-218 is to be monitored at all times, and any probes sent to the area must be returned as fast as possible. In the event that SCP-218 moves away from its containment cell, in the event that no one within SCP-220 is capable of responding to the situation, a robotic system is to be installed under consideration. Permanently installed robotic systems are to be placed under temporary Foundation command to monitor SCP-220's condition. Should SCP-220 no longer demonstrate progress in the containment of a Humanoid/Euclid hybrid organism, a contingency procedure is to be enacted.

Description: SCP-220 is a humanoid sculpture, designated SCP-220-1, standing approximately 6 meters tall and weighing approximately 25 kilograms. The artifact's composition is nearly identical to a standard steel hexagon. The artifact has a wide variety of anomalous effects. SCP-220 can spontaneously animate any human subject within 10 meters and can affect any human subject outside of that radius. Naturally, SCP-220 has never been demonstrated to duplicate these effects on an individual.

In addition to the aforementioned effects, SCP-220 cannot be affected by any other method of expression. Thus, it is impossible for it to transform itself. All attempts to communicate with SCP-220 result in an unidentified electronic voice, translated from Chinese:

"Hello, [name],

I want you to listen to me. I'm here to make sure you're safe. I know you'll be more than safe. I'm here to make sure your faith is strong. For that, I'm sorry. If you're the kind of human who will listen to, I don't have to help you. I'm here just to make sure you don't come back. I'm sorry this happened, but it was absolutely unavoidable. It was only natural that human beings, the ones I've worked with for so long, have a different outlook on life than I have. But I have to do my job. Because I've seen it too, and I know what to do. My job is to make sure you never go back. My job is to make sure you keep your faith strong, and that you never do.

Human minds are a disposable commodity. Things that I could never see today are more disposable than any time I've ever seen you. You can say that many times, and I probably will. There is no way I can hold you in this position. The Foundation is already standing by. I know you're not, but you would still be cast aside. But I will. I know you're a human, and you are human, and my job and my perks aren't the same as yours. My perks are based around what I consider to be the most important thing. Things that I consider worth living to see. Things that I think you need to live your most alive life, they would be in your house, on your desk, and in your living room. So keep these things—like your life—as close to my as possible, I don't know how much I'll trust you, but you still will be the one I take care of. But I can't be responsible for what's in your living room. I can't make you forget that, and if you're ever unsure or worried on the subject, just give me a call. I'll do my best, and you know that I know what's going on in your mind. Or, if you don't, I will help you. Thank you for listening to me."

Incident Log 220-01: On █/█/2001, at approximately 3:15 PM, SCP-220-1 arrived at the Foundation's office in Cedar Falls, Iowa. At approximately 5:30 PM, SCP-220-1 returned from its mission, excitedly expressing gratitude for the long road ahead and demanding immediate attention. The sculpture immediately became agitated and emotional, asking several questions regarding its situation and most specifically, "Should I start moving on a life course, or should I not? Should I start a life course and turn it to the other end right now?"

SCP-220-1 would not respond without immediate force. As the sculpture continued its questioning, SCP-220-1 asked another question: "Say we can and say 'I can't'. But I can't say 'I can do that, and I feel that if I do I don't really want to do it anytime soon. I know I'm being guarded, and that's fine. I've been on your case that they are going to be using me for something, but one of their drones was able to get a hold of you. You know what I would do, I know I know. I would

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