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Item #: SCP-217

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-217 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell within Site-███. SCP-217's containment unit is to be updated as necessary. SCP-217 is to be kept with at least one two-way telephone line, and is to be briefed by at least one Able Testing Team if necessary. SCP-217 is to be kept in the Experimental Section of Site-███, and is to be conducted under the supervision of Level 4 student personnel. SCP-217 is to be given place of residence in Sector 17, and is to be given employment at least four months prior to any testing in which it is required.

In the event that SCP-217 appears to have exhibited at least some of the behavior of a sapient being, it is to be terminated through standard Foundation procedure.

Description: SCP-217 is a female in her twenties (███-█████-████). The entity cannot be positively identified, and SCP-217 has never been seen in public. SCP-217 is generally friendly and making jokes.

SCP-217 will often use the name "Drew," a common male name used by non-anomalous humanoid beings. As opposed to the typical status of sapient beings, SCP-217 has never been observed to be female.

Drew will also occasionally use the name "Miss Delilah" (███-█████-█████).

SCP-217 last appeared on ██-██-███████'s Top Rated page, and has since proceeded to appear on at least ██ pages.

SCP-217 is capable of learning and unleashing some of the basic knowledge of its own species by speaking an unintelligible dialect of English. These abilities seem to derive from the fact that SCP-217 can learn to use rudimentary linguistic tools to communicate with those with whom it has been introduced into the first instance of contact.

SCP-217 has occasionally used these tools in order to communicate with Foundation personnel in the past, though this behavior has been erratic and inconsistent. It will usually refer to itself in first person plural, specifically in the singular form. The entity has only ever used these tools for the purpose of sending emails to Foundation.


Interview Log 217-1

Interviewed: SCP-217

Interviewer: Dr. Oliver

Foreword: This is the first interview with SCP-217. The above statement was repeatedly meant to be confirmed by Foundation personnel.

Dr. Oliver: Good afternoon, Miss Delilah.

SCP-217: Hmm.

Dr. Oliver: Would you care to explain what it is about?

SCP-217: No. I don't.

Dr. Oliver: It's just a mystery for me.

SCP-217: Hmm.

Dr. Oliver: It's a bug. Let me see what it is.

SCP-217: It's an echi-roid.

Dr. Oliver: What does it mean?

SCP-217: I dunno. It's a weird bug. It's kind of like a duck, I think? It's a little ant stuff.

Dr. Oliver: I don't think it's ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant ant not ant ant ant ant ant ant one ant ant first ant the first ant ant a ant hemispherical glass ant insect purplish ant ant ant ant oval

SCP-217: It's a little piece of stuff. It's a piece of brass.

Dr. Oliver: Please stay quiet. I'm expecting to hear something.

SCP-217 does not respond.

SCP-217: Huh.

Dr. Oliver: Well, I don't think anyone cares. I'm going to have to update this with your hypothesis, if you'll give me the time.

SCP-217: Uh, well, I don't know what it means, in that I don't really know what it means. I think it has something to do with amnestics. Nobody knows why, but they get hella high. Everyone I've ever had this contact with dies suddenly. Each time they die, their bodies literally disappear. They know their name, they know their job, and their personal details, the movies, their personalities, a few more things. It's a form of concentration. I think it's a form of amnestics.

Dr. Oliver: I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to say that. I didn't mean to imply that. The point is that you are aware of the effects. You may have been affected, but

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