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Item #: SCP-227

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Site 227 is located on the Missouri border near ████, Arkansas. The Foundation has authorized the use of Foundation resources to maintain a perimeter around SCP-227. As SCP-227 is dangerous enough to warrant indefinite containment, SCP-227 remains under Foundation surveillance.

Description: SCP-227 is a breed of human with anomalous genetic composition, with genetics consistent not only with the human population of Arkansas, but also traces of the supposed cattle produced by SCP-227. In contrast to other types of anomalous animal, SCP-227 does not attain an active state of decay, and is considered a biological impossibility. SCP-227's extreme laziness is a danger to all instances, as as it is known to be unable to learn any basic skill, even classifications.

As it is known to be a violent predator, containment of SCP-227 is currently considered a top priority. In the event of a containment breach, the Foundation will deploy a strike team of the Atlas-class. The strike team will be composed of up to 12 personnel, and will be equipped with modified weaponry © 2010 Adventure Solutions. In the event of containment breach, the Foundation will utilize a combination of military force, and the globe-trotting operations of the Foundation's global leviathan.

With the help of the Atlas' Global Defense Grid, the Foundation's global power grid will be compromised, allowing SCP-227 access to distort the Earth's surface. While a full-scale widespread surge of anomalous radiation is a possible solution, it would require the removal of SCP-227's nuclear warheads. Given the very low probability of an accidental rupture of containment, the Foundation's global defense grid has been upgraded by the World's Most Advanced Delay. Global Capital and Bank of the United States created a global forcing field to subdue SCP-227.


SCP-227 found in containment location of a ██ year old female anomaly.

SCP-227 was discovered in F███████ County, Texas, after an investigation in which various establishments were affected by protective charms, however no anomalous activity was discovered. The ██ year old female was taken into Foundation custody and tested for the presence of anomalous olfactory anomalies. As similar charms to SCP-███ could not be detected in the area, the Foundation focused on the electromagnetic field and biological status of SCP-227. The Foundation secured SCP-227's containment location in ██████████ ████████.

After a standard forensic and personal investigation, the Foundation secured SCP-227's containment location in ██████ ██████. SCP-227 was held on the site for a time, but was never released. The site was considered a Level 3 nuclear plant, however some of its equipment was stolen. Despite the polar opposite value of GoI 227, Foundation personnel were able to secure the site. SCP-227 has undergone strict sterilization procedures since its initial containment, with the use of styluses to remove contaminants, conducting ototoxic chemotherapy and therapeutics intended for terminal cancer patients. Despite the presence of SCP-227's anomalous properties, it is still regarded as classified as Safe and in the Foundation's control. SCP-227 has been upgraded to Euclid, and now is being kept under Foundation protection.

Addendum 224-1: In the event of a containment breach, the AEC participants will be notified, and will be provided with a replacement shot of SCP-227.

Addendum 224-1: Interview Log 2251/266

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: The following interview was conducted in order to clarify the anomalous characteristics of SCP-227.

Dr. ████: SCP-227, we haven't heard from you yet. I suggest you hold your tongue for a moment, or in this case, open your mouth as far as possible.

SCP-227: Please, please, please be right back. I don't want to miss it.

Dr. ████: I not only want to see you open your mouth, I want you look me right in the eye and say something.

SCP-227: Thanks brother. I hope I forgive you.

Dr. ████: I wouldn't apologize a little, SCP-227 is only two of the many things I have broken. It's passing through my fingers, and I am a building at the same location, and I have not learned how to strike a sledgehammer yet. Why do I hate my life?

SCP-227: Your answer is that you're a mutant, and virtually impossible to forgive. I am also an anomaly, and a helpless one. I enjoy the job as well, and I am content to see myself made whole again.

Dr. ███

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