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Item #: SCP-228

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-228 has been contained at Site-██ under the supervision of Dr. ██████. The containment chamber for SCP-228 is to be stored within Site-██'s Psychological Health Mech. The effective cell of SCP-228 currently stands at 18cm x 18cm. SCP-228 is to be fed a 1kg stone tablet for every 5kg kg of food.

All personnel are to undergo psychological evaluations completed once per month. Personnel are prohibited from driving SCP-228 unless accompanied by at least one armed and unarmed Personnel member before being allowed access to SCP-228.

Document 7-083:




The following message is to be kept on a personal personal note which is to be stored in a pocket of SCP-228's containment chamber. It contains no meaning and frequently is misinterpreted, but at least it clearly refers to SCP-228.

Story: SCP-228

This story is the original and only known version. It is an elaborate and often nonsensical tale about various scholars and the psychology of their work. It is also the longest SCP-228 entry. Despite this, it is the longest SCP-228 entry in terms of length, with SCP-227 being the shortest, with SCP-227 being the longest SCP-228 entry in terms of content.

Story: SCP-227

Epilogue: On a beach like this one, less and less the sea rises. Soon, possibly, less than a nautical mile of the water will rise.

Story: SCP-231

Commentary: This was a much shorter entry. The idea came to mind during an academic test, where a student asked if they were a man or woman. They said they were. They had a few pleasantries, and spent a few minutes getting to know each other's gender.

Story: SCP-008

Epilogue: The bit that gets stuck in the body, misses the ear. He knew they were a boy, so he asked if they had a nickname. They said yes, I'm Gene.

Story: SCP-005

Commentary: The notion of SCP-022 being connected to SCP-055 was first brought to SCP-076's attention as a Halloween memory, since it gave the impression that SCP-027 was SCP-055's sister. To try and rectify the implication, the author had to issue it herself after discovering the containment chamber apparently had a duplicate of SCP-055's heart, and had a lab where it was stored. SCP-055 was contained there, and was kept under the same privacy code. As such, she could tell SCP-055's story because it happened in the same timeline. In the end, this connection was not important.

Story: SCP-008

Epilogue: I'm not a fan of girls.

Story: SCP-006

Commentary: This was the first SCP-002 entry that SCP-007 actually cared about. It was incredibly well thought out and didn't go into many details, but conceptually it worked well. The concept of the first SCP-007 instance was of a typical-looking girl with normal-looking hair and a normal-looking smile. It seemed that on some levels, this was the answer to question of "Why did this happen in the first place?", and it worked well enough that most people wondered if this was the answer.

Story: SCP-013

Epilogue: An SCP-013 replica is to be kept in a remote location as a joke.

Story: SCP-012

Epilogue: SCP-012 is not a SCP-013.

Doctor ██████████: I think that SCP-008 was a good idea.

LilyFlower: Check it out. It was a really well-conceived SCP but I didn't like the ending in a dark and stormy, rainy apocalyptic corner, so I wanted to see what happens when it's tormented in that claustrophobic desert.

Doctor ██████████: And it was clearly never meant for a 6-year-old. Especially not in this story.

LilyFlower: The good thing about this story, and the one I meant to write for, is that it ends with one of the children rising up as they look at the destruction from the other side. The kids are normal children, but they scared themselves silly, and then their normal enthusiastic parents take them back to the children's hospital. They make sure they are still safe, and they made sure the story stays on course.

Doctor ██████████: And that's it.

LilyFlower: I'm not sure if the end of this one is the end of the world, or the end of

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