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Item #: SCP-229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-229 is to be kept in a cylindrical wooden enclosure with a 30cm diameter cube. To prevent damage to the crystalline structure, a single object of at least 16cm in height is to be kept adjacent to SCP-229.

Description: SCP-229 is a circular, octagonal box. The box has a cast wooden handle, which is suspended upon the club by mechanism from a central hub, which is mounted on a Platform-1x3 design. Fourteen small, red hook-shaped, white cubes are attached to this system. These cubes are placed medially in SCP-229. These cubes appear to function either as a type of restraining device, or as miniature drawing tools, used to push on the box and transfer information of any page inside.

Individual specimens of SCP-229 can be written on this document.

Personnel Containment Procedures: SCP-229 is held in an enclosure separate from the rest of its containment facility at Area-231. The edge of the enclosure is marked with a red "X" and the side with a blue "Y"

> Mark upon the sword

Personnel Containment Procedure: A blue black coffin box containing SCP-229's coffin is to be placed next to SCP-229 and held in a protected safe and secure storage locker. SCP-229's coffin is to be placed next to the safe (see Containment Procedures 229-B)

SCP-229 is to be moved to Area-231 and locked in a sealed safe until testing is complete.

Description: The top of SCP-229 is composed of a variety of high-quality materials, including graphite, steel and Beech wood (the latter is significantly stronger than the former). All notes, photographs and other visual and written records about SCP-229 are turned into their equivalents in some form or another. All instances of SCP-229 have the same serial number, and the material is identical.

Upon opening the safe, SCP-229 will turn over a page (currently, SCP-229 has been reorganized into a 2835 page document, the entirety of which is marked in red) and begin reading. This page contains the simplest and most obvious means by which information about SCP-229 can be transferred. All documents are thus written in an exact copy of current Foundation procedures, however, while they have been confirmed to be identical to the documentation below. Among the likely candidates for SCP-229's transmission mechanism are:

•Exploratory Projects, SCP-229’s most well known exploratory project, due to the large amount of SCP-229 being brought to SCP-229 during the initial exploration.

•QA-9, which has been confirmed to be a Type-1 memo of another expedition, also due to the large amount of SCP-229 being brought.

•Visions, which results in activity in the Digital Imaging and Computational Research wing.

•Special Stem Cell and Cell Distribution, which is the direct source of SCP-229's mutation and mutagenetic properties.

•Cloning, which has been confirmed to be the cloning of SCP-229's genetic material.

•Details of SCP-229’s deep network of anomalous objects, mainly SCP-229-QA-QA-8, although the latter remains unconfirmed.

•Corresponding Notes, which includes documents and photographs (both written and photographic) describing the exploration and observations of SCP-229 as well as all material retrieved from the area.

SCP-229's method of transfer includes placing a linear-tracking program upon the cube, carefully selecting its resolution to the exact point within the desired range. SCP-229 will then alter the cube in as little as three steps, allowing for a total of four steps to occur after removal of the tracking and manipulating program. Although it is often manually programmed, it is possible to quickly and effortlessly use the program to transfer one or more pages of information.

SCP-229's last known form of transfer was via an SCP-2502-1 device in SCP-198. SCP-229’s anomalous properties were discovered when a Foundation research team retrieved a decorative silver coin of similar appearance that had appeared in a previous exploratory expedition.

Transmissioned information

[00:00] Cautiously, the team begins exploring SCP-229, with a single aurora exercise.

[00:45] Upon being redirected, the team raises a resolution marker on SCP-229 and transfer the information.

[00:55] Then, the team is directed to search the area with a deep probe.

[00:59] The probe is used to automatically refine a project's list, again from the Document UFO-2200.

[01:02] Following the next segment

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