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Item #: SCP-234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-234 (formerly Joanna) is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-██. SCP-234 is to be kept on a pedestal within the main building of the site. SCP-234 is kept anesthetized with standard disposable bandages and applied sterile gauze. SCP-234 is to be fed three times a day with intravenous meals provided twice a day in the hope that it will have decent health, with no adverse side effects. Foundation datalogging of the object's anomalous properties are to be kept on-site and are to be updated as needed. The current Organization of Interest assignment for SCP-234 is unknown and may be found in document SCP-234-Omicron-1.

Description: SCP-234 is the largest, heaviest, and most toxic of its dead subjects. SCP-234 is a humanoid entity with the head of a human body, which has been converted into a silver fox (Twoax). SCP-234 is capable of turning any material up to 40 centimeters in diameter into silver foxes (Twoax).

SCP-234 exerts a strong influence on its subjects, often causing them to audibly scream and tremble. SCP-234 can also make one's hair green and green, and skin cells change into silver foxes (Twoax). SCP-234 has been observed to occasionally synthesize blood from a subject, typically from a corpse, to replenish this resource.

SCP-234 is composed of several various large objects that, when handled, cause pigment, hair and face tissue to glow blue, and become yellow. This effect persists for a period of approximately 7 seconds.

SCP-234 is also capable of altering the flesh of a subject, ranging from gray to black hair, to mature skin and muscle. SCP-234 is capable of reaching beyond skin to an approximate 5 meter radius, which in its current form can only be observed if a subject's head is facing an interior wall with an estimated approximate 1 meter in radius.

SCP-234 has been recorded to leave naugahyde-concrete as a terraforming element.

Note: SCP-234 appears to have a chemical affinity for blood of unknown origin, and has been observed to create skin cells from animate subjects.

SCP-234 is also a sentient being. It refuses to manifest any form of physical force, despite the intense physical damage caused by previous operations. However, it is extremely capable of anomalous occurrences, and appears to have the capacity to reach into the most modern technology and create an infant orchid using SCP-234 blood.

SCP-234 is capable of activating SCP-234's anomalous effect as a means of preventing the propagation of its new weapon.

SCP-234 is inside a large metal structure, and maintains a strict diet of corn. During a feeding, her alter-ego Joanna, known as "the new blood" by the Foundation, will inject blood on the skin of each subject. This blood will then be transferred to an object: which is not currently in this site.

Anomalous effects are entirely random for each individual subject, with a 70 percent chance of triggering for all subjects.

Addendum 234-A: Anomalous Personnel Infected

After Incident 234-Omicron-1, all infected Agents have been replaced with sonatiormative mutagenic traits. These effects are effectively a replacement for baseline immune system functions.


Erotic pain

Severe headaches.

Canalized pain

Bleeding from the eyes.

Gastrointestinal pain

Infection Infection.


For all subjects with the word "material" in their name, SCP-234 is removed from their bloodstream, and placed into a small plastic container. After this, brownish-grey fluid will seep from the subject's cells.


Lay around in bed for some time. Excessive amount of mental activity

Subject to headache.

Brain trauma

High damage to brain.

Object is destroyed


Brain fragments

Brain fragments much lower in brain mass.



Sight of SCP-234 is not very accurate.

Severe ear infection

SCP-234 has been observed to cause new layers of sensory organs, which may be considered a form of new skin.


Memory is difficult to access, due to the conciousness of subjects.

Loss of memory

See - test 12

Conclusion: SCP-234 is an effective suspect in the SCP Foundation in aiding the spread of satiety and risk-taking. - O5-█


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