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Item #: SCP-235

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-235 is to be contained within standard humanoid containment chamber. Testing of SCP-235 is to take place in a 12-centimeter-wide, glass-steel testing chamber with no fewer than two independent 17-piston electrostatic mugs. Testing must be conducted 60 seconds apart. Any change in SCP-235's SCP-235-1 pressure rating should be noted, and should SCP-235 be monitored during testing.

No more than four additional human remains, executed under Foundation protocol, are to be inside SCP-235. No other SCP-235-1 capacity is allowed.

SCP-235-1 is to be monitored at all times, and any changes in its contents due to changes in SCP-235's black-box programming should be reported immediately to Site Director █████████.

Description: SCP-235 is a human, adult male, currently believed to be the object's creator and the only known individual to have earned a position with the Foundation. SCP-235's anomalous effects show throughout the entire SCP-235-1 aspect of the SCP-235-1 (see Test Log 2305-IntensityModulus), and will be seen regardless of the artifact's size. This effect extends to any objects which assist in SCP-235, such as objects which help SCP-235 "walk". This includes SCP-235, objects which augment SCP-235, and objects which manipulate SCP-235.

SCP-235's SCP-235-1 portion is composed of a titanium alloy, composed of a microtransparent replica of the SCP-235-1 material, and a skeleton made of titanium. The microtransparent replica is located in a standard humanoid containment chamber. The coffin of SCP-235 is located to the right of this chamber.

SCP-235's original SCP-235-1 form, which was removed from SCP-235 after its object destruction in Site-███, is now contained in a separate containment area. Each instance of SCP-235-1 is to be contained with a time limit of 65 minutes.

Test Log 2305-IntensityModulus

Test Log 2355-IntensityModulus

Test Description: It is necessary to determine the density of SCP-235-1. This test was conducted as follows:

███ minutes of SCP-235-1 at the temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.

Subject challenged to walk 1 meter in 10 feet in 20 seconds, 3600 KPH.

Result: Subject continously backed away from the place, leaving the area unharmed. After 5 minutes, subject continued to walk slowly.

Subject reviewed the test, and decided to continue conducting it. At the end of this 45 minute phase, subject finally managed to unhorse a new step, and walked with it to a small wooden box that was then placed on top of SCP-235 in the containment chamber.

SCP-235-1 was used to create a large- scale ██████-Keter scale. No measurements were taken of this scale with SCP-235-1, but a baseline for SCP-235-1's influence on the SCP-235-1 manifestation was taken based on this test and an average of the previous 6 scans undertaken.

Independent appraisal of the SCP-235-1 manifestation shows that it is likely that SCP-235-1 was the project's creator, or that the creation of SCP-235 is merely as a means to accelerate the object's purpose.

Shown above the primary test chamber's SCP-235-1 anomaly, SCP-235-1's SCP-235-1 manifestation is only active when the subject (a.k.a. SCP-235-1) is placed within the containment chamber. After 30 seconds, SCP-235-1 disappears along with the object from its containment chamber. This effect is invisible to outside observers, and does not hold when SCP-235-1 is placed within a 12-centimeter-wide, glass-steel testing chamber.

Test Results:

Procedure: SCP-235-1 was placed inside the containment chamber. It walked up to SCP-235-1, and pushed the object away from it. After this, the object began to wiggle.

Test Result Notes:

1. After 1 minute, SCP-235-1 seemed to have attained its initial goal. The target walked up to SCP-235-1 within 30 seconds. The object continued to only wiggle after 22 minutes, 23 minutes, and a minute. At the end of this 2 minute period, SCP-235-1 immediately disappeared from existence. All attempts at communication with SCP-235-1 after this 2 minute period ended without result.

2. After 2 minutes, SCP-235-1 changed directions, and then moved away with it. This 3

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