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Item #: SCP-236

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-236 is contained in Room B-14 at Site-██. All subjects are to be monitored by one (1) Level 2 researcher. Testing with SCP-236 is currently suspended.

Description: SCP-236 appears to be a humanoid, which resembles a male human male in its late thirties. Its eyes, fingernails, face, and height correspond with those of a typical human male, while its skin is predominantly red. SCP-236 is roughly 12 feet tall and weighing 2,300 lbs, with two (2) legs similar to a standard human being. SCP-236 has been shown to have two (2) sub-biological traits: (1) an unusually long (up to 12 feet in length) nose and a short (up to 14 inches in width) torso, and (2) an unusually wide (up to 20 feet in length) jaw.

Construction Materials: SCP-236's body consists of steel wire, stainless steel, and a silver and leather jacket. In addition to its antennae, SCP-236 has a series of tubes made of steel that broadcast a multi-colored light during the day.

SCP-236 appears to be able to speak just as well as a human, though its speech is noticeably lacking in speech in some places. SCP-236 carries an English-to-Russian translator in which it reads sentences and phrases which have no translation in English. SCP-236 also has a circle of "reporters" which allows it to send another translation in other languages. Any time it is writing a new sentence, SCP-236 tells it its original language. SCP-236 is an avid reader, and is said to be able to translate phrases as well as *all* English phrases. SCP-236 is also able to understand the language of any other available language, but all translations are limited to English phrases. SCP-236 is also capable of understanding any language produced by any other non-anomalous means, but only uses the language of the language in which it was created.

SCP-236 appears to be an important Foundation member, and is in particular still very active in Foundation Foundation farming, gardening, and laboratory research. SCP-236's mythology and folklore are mostly based on small towns and rural farmhouses; however, SCP-236 also draws heavily on surrounding farming equipment and urban legends, with some minor characters stemming from those or other places. It typically lists entries for gardening and gardening related topics, rather than specific plant names.

SCP-236 is agile and quick-witted, and is quick to respond to requests for help in a given situation, even when directed by others to use less-than-strategic methods of containment. SCP-236 is generally laugh-able.

The minimal containment on SCP-236 was discovered after a carpenter by the name of Allen Bundy ("Mr. Moto") was found dead within SCP-236 in his farmhouse in ██████, Washington. The carpenter had reported spending several hundred dollars a month on the ultimate in dew-making tools, and had hand-picked SCP-236's greatest attributes by associating them with the "Excellent Plan," "Coping With Danger," and "Grow Your Own Vegetables."

Interview Log 236

Interviewed: SCP-236

Interviewer: Quick Susan

Foreword: The following interview was conducted after SCP-236's containment had been lifted, and was performed before containment could be resumed. That's what we were looking for, and we got lucky.

Quick Susan: Good morning, SCP-236. Could you walk me through a simple experiment, including your education history, your hobbies, and your hobbies?

SCP-236: Mom always told me that having fun was important. I've always found that to be true. I can't complain about that. I get a lot of spiritual gifts from God, and a lot of fun. I've learned a lot about food, so I always try to keep as much vegetables from lower-country farms as possible. I love squash. The squash I grow love the squash. I can't have all the posh food, but I try to find all vegetables at the same time. I've discovered a new art form, of growing literally anything.

Quick Susan: What do you consider your "gifts"?

SCP-236: I grew potatoes on the family farm. I grew strawberries. I grew potatoes. I love gardening. I think this is what I was born for, but I want to make it something special.

Quick Susan: Why are you the best gardener on the property?

SCP-236: I was founded to make gardening fun.

Quick Susan: What is gardening?

SCP-236: It's gardening because Mother has made it

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