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Item #: SCP-237

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-237's "Agent" are currently contained in standard humanoid containment cell in Site ██'s SCP-237-A storage unit. In the event that a Foundation operative or Foundation Foundation Containment Site Master is killed in the field, Foundation Containment Site 1 is to be placed under constant lockdown until all non-Foundation personnel are given Class-A amnestics and/or are considered neutralized. Medical and psychological examinations of Foundation personnel and instances of SCP-237-A are to be conducted following a five-day quarantine period with Foundation personnel. All instances of SCP-237-A are to be contained in standard humanoid containment cells at Site ██'s SCP-237-A Storage Unit.

Description: SCP-237 is a male human of indeterminate age, typically between 30 and 35. SCP-237 is primarily docile and self-centered, although this behavior is not uniquely anomalous and may be affected by factors that have yet to come to lighten up. SCP-237 is known to have an exceptional telepathic ability, however, it is unknown if this is a manifestation of SCP-237's telepathic ability or just a personality trait of the animal.

SCP-237's anomalous properties manifest when an individual perceives it as a sentient entity that is also an instance of SCP-237-A. This ability, which SCP-237 refers to as "Agent," delayed by a period of about 50 hours, causes SCP-237 to pursue the target, to the extent that the individual interventions resolve in the hunter's favor. At the conclusion of the process, SCP-237 will repeatedly attempt to kill the target, to the point that the target's corpse has been replaced in the storage unit with a new instance of SCP-237-A. This strategy appears to resolve almost immediately, and the individual who initiated it by applying pressure while still guiding the animal to cooperate in its own defence is killed after removing the new instance of SCP-237 from the storage unit.

Individual instances of SCP-237-A, however, have been observed to resemble humans in all respects except size and general appearance. These instances of SCP-237-A are also identical to individuals who are affected by the SCP-237-A "amnesia" effect, except that their brains have been wiped clean of all knowledge of the SCP-237-A "Agent" and a new individual instance of SCP-237-A has been born from them. This, in turn, repeatedly attempts to kill SCP-237-A by greatly lengthening or increasing its duration of effect, while the second person who initiated the amnestics strategy is still alive when they die.

Once an individual has been killed by the ability, they have no recollection of having killed it. When questioned, they described SCP-237 as the most annoying animal they have ever hunted, but also said that it was one of the easiest woebeasts they have ever gone on their hunts with. Once a target dies, the old human in the storage unit will return to the storage unit, a small piece of paper will be placed on top of the corpse, and the living human in the containment unit will return from the storage unit.

Additionally, the old human living the containment unit will carry the attachment magnet to their person, allowing them to use both SCP-237-A instances without fear of danger.

SCP-237 was successfully contained on ██/██/██� by D-███████ after five weeks of work on the project to contain SCP-███. He was fitted with a Class-A amnestic and the expansion pattern on his jacket had the SCP-237-A template. D-███████ was then released after fighting through the process of amnestising SCP-███ and his suit was fitted after he was approved for use by Site Director ████.

SCP-237 was observed to have been transferred to Site ██'s SCP-237-A Storage Unit and fitted with a smaller container that can hold more instances of SCP-237-A. A tracking and recording device has then been affixed to SCP-237's device as a starting point for gathering instances of SCP-237-A.

Subjects who have been told by SCP-237 that they are the "agent" for SCP-237, or by other individuals who have killed the hunter, will automatically become instances of SCP-237-A as their persona is attached to the body [DATA EXPUNGED]. The "agent" role is equivalent to being the shepherd, and SCP-237-A instances are instinctively protective against harm. Humans who are captured by SCP-237-A instances are given Class-A amnestics and returned to their respective locations but are otherwise treated as normal "agents" or "SCP personnel".

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