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Item #: SCP-238

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-238 is to be contained in the same quarantine facility as any other humanoid with a conceptual capacity of at least 013 and of a generic sexual preference. Subjects living within a 30m radius of SCP-238 are to be allowed to be trained in a safe, controlled environment. The subject is to be kept in humanoid containment and tested in a controlled environment, and in the event of successful containment, their training program is to be transferred to Foundation Personnel under Grades 4 and 5.

Description: SCP-238 is, in reality, a humanoid in the human biological standard of its specific racial characteristics. The anomalous properties of SCP-238 manifest approximately 30 minutes after birth. The following events pertain to SCP-238.

•At the very beginning of a pregnant woman's womb, the fetus is capable of developing full vocalization of some kind of automatic singing or musical composition. At any given moment, SCP-238 will produce a result, rarely performed beginning at an unreasonable time from a woman's uterus.

•At the approximate final point of a woman's uterus, SCP-238 will begin to process a subset of its vocalizations. At this point, SCP-238 will begin vocalizing 'song', at such a tempo that the fetus is capable of uttering a maximum of four separate songs in its first full cycle. At this point, SCP-238 will begin vocalizing 'musical composition'.

•At approximately 5-10 minutes after the end of the first full cycle, a second full cycle begins. At this point, SCP-238 will begin vocalizing 'song composition'. This will take approximately 17 minutes of, during which memory will be lost and attempts made to recall the musical composition will fail. This will be repeated until the voice is restored.

Birth, change, and return

Interview Log: SCP-238

Interviewer: Researcher Lee

(Foreword: Interview canceled to implement rest of containment procedures. Removed from containment due to unavailability of a standard recording recorder.)

D-5582: I am pregnant.

Lee: Do you want to speak to Dr. Lee a moment?

D-5582: I get pregnant a lot, but I'm not ready yet. So I wanna ask… (shakes head.) Can I ask why I'm pregnant?

Lee: We're sorry to hear that; although no one questions it, here are some questions.

D-5582: Why do you think you're pregnant?

Lee: I don't know. Is there anything you can do with me to make me pregnant?

D-5582: I know how to make babies, doctor.

Lee: Can you make me pregnant?

D-5582: Sure. Can you make me pregnant?

Lee: I can make you pregnant, doctor.

D-5582: I can make a baby.

Lee: You can't build a single baby in the human womb?

D-5582: Of course not, doctor.

Lila: Is it true that you have moved on from making babies?

D-5582: No, I don't understand that. I'm just curious. What do you mean?

Lila: You want to make babies?

D-5582: No. You can't make babies in the human womb.

Lila: Didn't you make that eye-light baby you left?

D-5582: Yes. You can do that after we finish our training.

Lila: What do you mean?

D-5582: The color, yes. What do you mean?

Lila: What do you mean?

D-5582: You think that you know why you disobeyed the rules? You think that the Mother's will stand for something at the end of the day, and it's just bullshit. You don't have anything to say, as far as you know.

Lila: What is the goal of your 'mission'?

D-5582: I don't know. (Laughs) I want to make the world a little better, doctor, and the world a little better.

Lila: Are you still trying to make that eye-light baby you left?

D-5582: No, no. At what point do you quit?

Lila: Where do you change your mind?

D-5582: I don't know. I never studied to make babies. But I can make babies, doctor. I can.

Lila: Does it your mother, or your mother's.

D-5582: Yeah. (Laughs) There is no mother. She is still my

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