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Item #: SCP-024

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-024 is to be kept underwater. It is to be kept within a self-contained containment cell, on the bottom of a containment table, and given a 25-year supply of olive oil and salt water. It is to be fed, under Red-Blooded Protocol, every day in a refrigerator-safe container. Local Environmental Protection Agency monitors must be unobstructed for the purposes of Ambulance operation.

Any Foundation personnel who enter SCP-024 should be equipped with high-impact MTF personnel-grade GPS tracking devices. Any remote devices capable of accessing SCP-024 must have a Tau signal.

Description: SCP-024 is ████, a man who causes minor damage to containment breach attempt following a containment breach.

SCP-024 produces a variety of non-anomalous mechanical and electrical components when triggered. These will only manifest within SCP-024 if activated. All mechanical components except for SCP-024-A are mechanical, as opposed to other containment breaches. SCP-024-A are structural elements constructed from steel. SCP-024-A contain the requisite machinery to repair minor anomalies, however, their purpose is unknown.

Addendum: In response to a containment breach, SCP-024 will spontaneously acquire a working model of a containment cell, including its containment cell. This will be a non-anomalous containment cell for SCP-024, which it will use to conduct its containment procedures and move around.


Initial Designation: SCP-024-A


SCP-024-A is a spherical space capable of storing no less than 85.25% of the matter in the universe. The space's properties allow for it to be open only to the upper zh of the observable universe. The width of this space is to be observed periodically as part of the mission sequence.

Staff drawing only

SCP-024-A has been shipped to Dr. ██████ at Site ██. He is currently assigned to conduct the containment of SCP-024.

Addendum 24-A: Upon opening, SCP-024-A will display an anomalous property. SCP-024-A will transfer the matter of any objects within its Cunning Point, beneath the door, to the entrance of a storage lock. Charged and secured, this locker's coating will prevent the matter from being lost.

Inside this locker is an object resembling SCP-024. When fully armed, this object will burst open, releasing SCP-024. Its appearance depicts a set of bolt cutters. When opened, SCP-024-A will emit a loud screech upon closer inspection. When it has rendered SCP-024-A uninhabitable, this device will deactivate, and SCP-024 will die.

Discovery: SCP-024 was discovered when the media company Concurrex Interactive made a video entitled "Anya's Preserve" featuring the character Anya with a people who do not know her or her creators. SCP-024's existence amongst the videos and media was discovered when the person who made the video uploaded the video to YouTube after losing their job. The original version was uploaded on December 18th, 2013, and has received over one million up-votes by December 19th, 2013. The original write-up of SCP-024 has not been removed from its website.

SiteDirector ███████: File A letter of disciplinary action against Anya

Incident 24-1: Appending SCP-024-A leaves the "content of" of the video in its original state, thus allowing for it to be viewed and heard by any human in "normal" videos.

Incident 24-1 has been reclassified as a Class 4 breach of the User Agreement, and all affected users are to be stripped of every activity on YouTube and any associated social media platforms. Requesting the removal of all content on YouTube will lead to the termination of the policy and the use of SCP-024.


SCP-024 is a 30 minute video titled "Anya's Preserve". Within SCP-024, Anya is employed rather than in a lab, and a larger timeline is implied. The timeline of Anya's life is co-authored by Dr. ████████████. This timeline assumes that Anya is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that she has been attracted to a man. This version fails to include Anya's sexual orientation.

This iteration begins with the footage showing Coningsby, an account of Coningsby himself. Coningsby is described as a 1 year old boy, with an IQ of 72 and a clothespan of 41cm. Anya stands over him in bed and appears to have a crush on him. A lean girl is

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