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Item #: SCP-025

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-A and SCP-025-B are to be kept in separate safe-class lockers in the Site-██ wing of Site-89.

Description: SCP-025 is a pair of 16-year-old blue jeans. It is unbranded, devoid of tags, and has a label reading "BLACKMAID" at the bottom.

SCP-025-A and SCP-025-B are identical items, made from a pair of fiber-knit, polyester, blue jeans.

SCP-025-A is an empty plastic recycling bin.

SCP-025-B is an empty plastic recycling bin.

Both items are glued to the lowest tier of the display case.

Each object is covered in the labels and instructions that accompanied each other.

SCP-025-B is a blank display case with several plastic storage containers underneath it, containing various SCP items.

SCP-025-A is a blue T-shirt with the words "BLACKMAID" embroidered on it in gold.

SCP-025-B is a blank store-front Abercrombie bag, 4cm x 4cm x 4cm.

There are no ridges to distinguish between the two, and both objects have the same color.

SCP-025 is covered in an adhesive label to the left of its back. The words "16 YEARS LESS THAN ONE WEEK" are visible inside.

SCP-025 is covered in chlorine bleach, and is decorated in black leather wrapping.

SCP-025-A and SCP-025-B may be used for both purposes.

Description: SCP-025 is an SCP item that can only be used for self-esteem and self-preservation. It is the only SCP item that is capable of adjusting itself in accordance with the current state of a subject. The subject is able to use SCP-025 indefinitely without expiration?s.

When used for self-guidance, SCP-025 may be used to improve the subject's self-esteem by teaching the subject self-control.

When used for self-preservation, SCP-025 may be used to extend SCP-025's usefulness by teaching the subject self-control.

Physical contact with SCP-025 quickens the process in a manner that results in a temporary mental increase of approximately 100% in self-esteem.

The following is a list of the SCP-025-A and SCP-025-B.

SCP-025-B#: SCP-025

Classification: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-025-B and SCP-025-A are within a 7 metre radius of each other, in the same room, and should be kept in separate lockers in the Site-89 wing. No one is to enter the containment chamber without the approval of at least one Level 5 researcher.

SCP-025-B is to be kept under low-level surveillance by at least one full-body surgical team. SCP-025-B-T and -T are to be held within a standard humanoid containment chamber for testing purposes.

Description: SCP-025 is the same item and description listed below.

(This page contains SCP-025-B and -B's).




•A single standard black T-shirt.

•A single standard blue striped denim T-shirt.

•An old pair of socks, worn by SCP-025-T.

•A normal pair of jeans.

•A pair of cargo pants.

•A pair of plain white tube socks.

SCP-025 is a standard white T-shirt made in ████████ ██████, ██. Testing revealed no oxygen-related defects, and were assigned a Class-A amnestic exposure protocol.

Description: SCP-025 is a standard white T-shirt. It has identical specifications to a standard white T-shirt in every respect.




•Cargo pants.

•A pair of plain white ventilated Nike Air Miles.

SCP-025-T is a standard denim jacket, and in every respect has the same material as a standard white T-shirt.

SCP-025-T has no discernible pattern.

Except for the white color, there is no material that correlates with SCP-025-T's anomalous properties, and the jacket's the same exact material as a standard white T-shirt.

One process — a small knife — has been applied to the outside of SCP-025

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