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Item #: SCP-026

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-026 is to be stored in standard humanoid containment cells constructed of a tri-ply reinforced front layer metal and a double layer of hardened steel. Special care must be taken to keep SCP-026 sufficiently paranoid. The door to SCP-026's containment unit should be bolted shut and the containment unit should be equipped with an integral alarm system that connects to the Foundation News Network.

SCP-026 is not to be contained within an integrated security system. Any attempts to provoke SCP-026 into action should be met with immediate administrative termination.

Description: SCP-026 is a near-human male human male, designated SCP-026-1; it has shown no anomalous traits and is intelligent and sensitive. SCP-026-1's personality is inconsistent with ████████████ personalities and is occasionally irregular.

SCP-026 is a self-reported schizophrenic and psychotic inpatient with a history of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse; this behavior has proven fatal to several of its containment unit staff. There is no known method by which SCP-026 maintains this state of mind and no known mental health treatment for SCP-026-1.

SCP-026 communicates via a large loudspeaker system attached to SCP-026's containment unit. Asked about SCP-026-1, SCP-026-1 responds inadvertently, preferring to speak in the voice of its current containment unit. Clicking and observing SCP-026-1, as well as listening to SCP-026-1's conversations, have led to the discovery of abilities the same as those possessed by SCP-026.

Addendum 26-1: Close examination of SCP-026 has revealed a strong preference for speaking over voting. As such, SCP-026-1 has declared publicly that he will vote for the SCP-026-1 candidate regardless of any other candidates.

Addendum 26-2: Tall murals do not have anomalous properties. In mid-19██, a group of Native Americans in Montana created a small tenement at the site of SCP-026's containment unit. The Foundation did not have the expertise to respect this group's demands, and the structure of the building was built around them. The Murals depicted in containment unit are not anomalous in any way.

Addendum 26-3: SCP-026's containment cell has featured a large billboard on SCP-026's containment cell wall that states: “For the Love of Jesus, Mayor of the Jerusalem!” after a side-height of 5 meters. No visible sign across the containment unit is visible.

Addendum 26-4: SCP-026 is not to be locked in a containment unit during any part of its containment, and is not to be placed within an automated lockbox equipped with the automatic security system of Site-64. SCP-026 can make it to the bomb shelter the site security system is in if it has a key. Should Judge █████ learn of a key, she is to be removed immediately.

Addendum 26-2: SCP-026's containment cell was discovered in a locked safe at Site-64, all deliberations of which had been recorded on video. The videos were corroborated following the arrest, trial, and conviction of SCP-026-1. SCP-026 was determined to have killed SCP-026-1 through the use of its anomalous abilities.

Addendum 26-3: Since discovering SCP-026's anomalous properties, Site-64 has set up a routine examination of the cell adjacent to SCP-026's containment cell. All cell residents are to be given security numbers and cleared to access SCP-026's containment cell.

Addendum 26-4: For security purposes, SCP-026 will summon members of staff if it finds it necessary.

SCP-026 should not be permitted access to SCP-026's containment cell during the activities of any SCP-026-1.

Addendum 26-5: SCP-026's containment cell has lately exhibited a number of new incidents. SCP-026's containment unit has encountered a spate of repeat incidents of SCP-026-1 members committing suicide by closing their eyes and applying to get the legal strangulation issue resolved. The associated suicide note has been found accompanying SCP-026-1.

Information about SCP-026 is to be kept in secure storage.

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