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Item #: SCP-240

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-240 is to be kept in a sealed safe at Site-██ in standard containment unit. Testing has been scoped out of consideration of SCP-240's anomalous properties and potential exposure to the anomaly's effects. Foundation Skysight will be contacted if anomaly is encountered. In such case, containment unit is to be upgraded as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-240 is a steel two-disc set of books called 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'. It is identical to the books sold by the local grocery store and can be purchased at any grocery store in the contiguous United States. It is made of quality wood with ink in place of paper in an incandescent fluorescent light bulb.

SCP-240 has a background of Janssen brand chicken soup and John C. Burns notebook similar to that found in the stock of the local supermarket and depicts a fictionalized account of ghouls, witches and other supernatural beings who have been hunted, killed and sold. While it is not a story, it is a fictional construct; the plot evolves in ways that are consistent with Janssen and Burns' style of writing.

SCP-240 was discovered in the Foundation's possession by a man who had come into contact with a St. Louis ghoul and discovered it read 'Some personal notes, beforehand.' The man reported the finding to the Foundation and was assigned to SCP-240. Foundation agents were able to retrieve the book by locating one of the book's anomalous effects.


Descrutiny: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Indeed it was. I, along with many of my staff, were there with the other incident supervisors, covering up a story about a missing welder. When we returned to our cell-block and found the missing welder, a local news team had already flown in to take the report on-air.

The Incident Coordinator, I believe, was concerned. I participated in the "Q's" with Agents for a while, but I finally gave up the ghost hunt. Several of the Level 4 specialists I did this with had suffered from the same kind of psychosis I had. I confined them to their cell-block to prevent them from exposing Foundation resources to them. In the end, I brought them back to the Foundation bed. They were not returned to that cell-block. They had to be placed in a therapy facility we took care of in case that happened again. The four of them were finally given constant mind control and studying by Foundation researchers. They were amnestics, basically. They studied the Codex of the Ambival, and the idea of "High Value Item". They were put in the care of the Foundation's first containment specialist, and were secured in large mass containers made of glass and glass.

I hope this clears up some things. There was a very DANGEROUS incident in the previous year involving the Foundation reconnaissance drone. The mission was to identify anomalous locations which would be likely to be covered by an SCP attack. The drone had two controllers, and both of them had a hyperspatial scan. That was dangerous, as it needed to be distracted. Fortunately, the drone had been stripped of its wings and sea-bed, with titanium sent from Site-██ to the drone's storage unit. The drone was then returned to its mount, and re-launched.

I believe the drone crashed. It was probably killed by a Krampus.

I found some new information in the library. I read the two-year long use of the Codex from Site-██ Records, and found that this was where they came up with the information on SCP-240. I can't say if the Prosthetic Genius is still alive, but I think he might be. And I kept an eye out for the Library.

And I found more of the book. I found the double-page memo of the man I had worked with in the past. I found another copy of the book. I got a copy of the 1-year old manuscript of The following is an incomplete

Thinking to myself:

The DIC never really read it.

I remembered the library. Two things I'm very proud of. The Library is known for its Library of the damned, and to be honest with harken, I never ever heard of it before. DIC left the Library after three years, but they did come back over a hundred years later. The Library never had a janitor, but it did have a janitor. A janitor who always kept his head above ground.

I remember looking at the library at first. I couldn't get into it. I couldn't get into books

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