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Item #: SCP-246

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-246 is to be kept in a standard safe-class safe locker at Site-██. Testing of SCP-246 is to take place in a Hi-Tech SCP 2-segment containment chamber. A 200m-wide beam of 100m-long is to be focused on SCP-246's body, to observe for anomalous effects.

SCP-246 is to be fed on an irregular schedule. It is to be tested on no fewer than three days a week. When testing with SCP-246 is suspended, testing personnel are to watch for anomalous effects. Potential improved containment procedures are to be implemented as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-246 is a human male of white hair and skin of green-brown. It has shown signs of physical and mental deterioration. However, due to its young age and its short lifespan, SCP-246 does not show signs of sexual maturity. The anomalous effects of SCP-246 in its current state are unknown and will be presented in the next chapter.

SCP-246 was recovered from ██████████ █████, ██████████, an abandoned Neihuipico farm, in which it had been living in the past 50 years. The property was the site's first orientation to ██████ ████████, a planned seven-acre development featuring a colony of insects. The land surrounding the property has been patrolled by security and personnel from the Site-██ Ghostbusters Division on a daily basis. During interviews, SCP-246 was able to provide information as to the genesis of its anomalous properties.

The following is a transcript of an interview with SCP-246:

T: Hi, SCP's,


T: You don't do that, old man.


T: When did we first come to know you?


T: Oh yeah, probably when we were in the hospital. I saw you about five months after, about a month after we got out of the ICU. You were sick. The doctor told you just to get better, and you changed your life.


T: A life change?


T: Yeah, you told me that as long as you got therapy, some of the things in your life would go away. But every time you did that, that nothing would happen. And you loved that, and you were that person. You were never ashamed to be that person, and you never even thought you were. You just knew that we were going to be it, and everything would be fine, and you'd never have to leave that hospital again.

T: You've been working to stop that from happening.


T: So you received therapy, in an attempt to change you, and now you see this. You've changed all of your life, and you get to be this person again. You get to have a normal life. You don't have to try and crush that or anything like that, because you can leave it and it will work itself out when you get back and you get back out.

T: Okay. At what point did you become that person?


T: I don't know. I don't know what I was, or what I am. I was a terrible nurse, and my clients never liked nurses in the beginning, or did they. I got an MCC credit, and I was in students for an all-time class. I didn't know what I was, so Abba threw me into the ICU. A doctor's note, but I think my time in the ICU saved my life, and that's when I started changing.

T: I hear that you've been working at the hospital since your discharge, and you've been under constant surveillance. I see you in a lot of the ICUs, and I see you in a lot of the physical and mental wards. You've seen this happen before, but I don't think this time it's any different. You know you don't work in the hospital. That's why you're under constant surveillance.


T: I'm in the OWCSDI, and I'm a director. I've got to do things in the right direction, and I've got other people around me. I know they're there, and I know they need me. I have a great job and a great place to put people.

T: What sort of people?


T: Some of them are Accountants. They take care of my patients. They call me Abba. They call me Abba.

T: Even in the physical wards?



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