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Item #: SCP-247

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-247 is contained in the original San Francisco house. Testing is to be strictly forbidden outside of Foundation testing in, unless Foundation guards are present. SCP-247 is to be kept in a standard containment cell. A pair of standard containment tools is to be kept within SCP-247's containment cell. The dispenser is to be kept beside SCP-247 at all times at all times. Any attempts to remove or modify SCP-247's containment unit or containment chamber without Foundation approval will be reported to Site Director █████.

Description: SCP-247 is a white-collar job-related boner pill. In its original box, SCP-247's device was placed in sanitary packaging- with labels, buttons and other instructions plastered over the packaging. After testing, an external inspection has confirmed that SCP-247 is identical to the ████ reported now-in-life. In SCP-247's box, the letter A is engraved with a stylized "H" and a pencil drawn with a folded uppercase letter.

SCP-247 was discovered upon the sidewalk in the middle of the street by a pair of former Bellator and Bellator 1509 customers, who had spontaneously met at a nearby McDonald's when they met. The Bellator customers had found SCP-247 to be similar in appearance to any other SCP-247 that had been advertised. Both men were found to have worked at Taco Bell, and had identified that they had seen SCP-247's anomalous properties.

When testing was completed, SCP-247's anomalous properties manifested. The two Bellator customers administered Class-A amnestics, then attached SCP-247 to a standard humanoid containment unit, and asked for permission to perform an experiment based on the results. SCP-247 expressed surprise, and remained in containment for two days while the Bellator customers waited.

After a 30-day period of containment, after which SCP-247 was issued SCP-247-4, the Bellator customers were allowed to approach SCP-247 in another way, granted permission by Foundation personnel. The testing was approved, and SCP-247 was able to display an anomalous effect. All instances of SCP-247 and SCP-247-4, who had analyzed the results, were granted approval by one of Site-███'s top security officers, who then immediately discussed the results with the Foundation.

The results of testing are consistent with SCP-247's anomalous properties. Attempts to view the actual packaging of SCP-247 have been prosecuted and negatively supervised. The Bellator customers were interviewed when to document Ez-10598's anomalous effects.


Interviewed: SCP-247 (O5 Command)

Interviewer: O5-2

Foreword: O5-2 is a veteran "O5" who approved the SCP-247 dissertation ("The Bellator Effect") and its containment procedures. Other personnel can verify the following interview.

O5-2: Good afternoon SCP-247. I had heard that you were about to be completing some kind of experiment regarding SCP-247's anomalous properties. I was wondering if you'd be interested in, if you were so inclined, taking SCP-247 for a short period of -2. I'd be more than willing to call you on the phone to discuss some of the key details. If you're not willing, then you can arrange a bit of a meeting by the safe-deposit box, and I can arrange a call time for a "heck of a thousand minutes."

SCP-247: I like to call things "S-Numberes." Don't worry, I'm not being named. But I don't understand what you mean. It's a long-distance phone. What does it take to call, and when are you going to get the number?

O5-2: Do you need to be on the line or are you -2? I can't talk directly to you right now, because I don't have permission to meet you on the hook. But I would be more than willing to talk to you in a few minutes, if you're willing to give me permission.

SCP-247: I'm really not sure what you mean, but I don't like to discuss things like this. I may still be using a number that doesn't exist, but I'll take it as long as it doesn't take too long to get to the point. If this thing takes too long to call, I'll post it and let you know. If I get a response, I'll post it so you can try again. I'd still be more than willing to discuss this experiment again, if I can be offered any special privileges or special compensation.

O5-2: Is there

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