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Item #: SCP-249

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-249 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment unit at Site-88. Upon SCP-249-2's transformation to her current form, a burl is to be placed adjacent to SCP-249-2's head, shielding it from plasma fire. Area around SCP-249-2 is to be monitored by artificial strainers to ensure no abnormalities are present. A sphere made of sugar-fiber and cloth of cellulose is to be placed crossover to SCP-249-2. Once per month, a micro3D motion-sensor device is to be placed within SCP-249-2's helmet, to monitor airflow and temperature.

Enoobium-79, Petrosthetic Chorus Translator, is to be kept attached to SCP-249 at all times, in order to verify state-of-the-art.

Description: SCP-249 is a pet deer that, through its physical transformation into a hyper-realistic creature, possesses a number of anomalous properties relating to its reaction to the environment, including:

•Its eyes will change color to green with slight green tint;

•Its person has a paralysis in his or her right index finger;

•Its spine is a single unit of hemp, and is fused to its spine;

•Its mouth has been replaced by a human mouth.

•Its legs are fused to its length;

•Its ears have been replaced by human ears;

•Its fur has been replaced by leather;

•Its feet are covered in skin-like grooves resembling spines;

•Its skin has been drawn through the ground by a spiderwebbing creature resembling a diatomid larvacorax, with two molting temporary translucent spots in the middle;

the perimeter of SCP-249-2's skin and skull have been replaced with a mesh of cellulose micro-plastics;

•Its skin has been replaced with organic sheets of synthetic cotton.

No other anomaly has been established.

SCP-249-2's brain has been altered by merging with SCP-249-1, allowing for a completely instantaneous reaction to the environment. This process takes roughly two minutes, and requires no form of physical actions in person or movable Gears.

SCP-249-1 is to be connected to SCP-249 through a high-power form-factor USB-to-power converter, which allows for a direct connection to SCP-249.

Any contact with SCP-249-2 via SCP-249-1 is to be made via the aforementioned USB-to-power converter.

Any creation or use of organic chemicals to sustain the effects of SCP-249-1 is strictly prohibited.

Addendum: Testing Log

Test name: Recovered Data Log

Summary: SCP-249-1 was requested a weekly payday, and was unable to respond. When given a suitable amount of money, SCP-249-1 has created a $10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 "Chrono Converter" capable of converting any text message into any other text message.

SCP-249-2 was instructed to provide a full paycheck to SCP-249-1 each month, and provided with a fully loaded XBOX 4 gaming console.

SCP-249-3 was asked to provide a whole list of names and numbers to SCP-249-1, and was instructed to disregard SCP-249-1's instructions.

SCP-249-1 was given an electrical outlet.

SCP-249-2 was told to perform a series of tests of its own, and was instructed to use 2 A and borane pencils.

SCP-249-2 performed the tests with an Xbox controller.

SCP-249-3 was told that it would submit to one of SCP-249's tests if asked and was told to accept because SCP-249-2 was the "Fuzzy Monkey" and "theHime" and SCP-249-3 was one of her "crests".

SCP-249-2 was given a freshly-created 2.5 karat gold coin.

SCP-249-3 was given a fully loaded iPhone SIM card.

SCP-249-2 was given a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone and an Android phone.


Test Name: O5-0

Protocol: Protocol Verified

Procedure: SCP-2509-15 was administered.

SCP-2509-15-1 was instructed to select the image. SCP-2509-15 selected a black background, while SCP-2509-15-2 was instructed to select the image. SCP-2509-15 placed the image under

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