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Item #: SCP-251

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The containment site is to be lined with an array of weeds. It is to be surrounded by a plain of grasses and bushes, and to be surrounded on all sides by a set of wooden palaces. The containment area is to be stocked with food and water, and furnished with a security entrance. Additional walls and glass panels are to be placed in the containment area to prevent the containment site from becoming a flooded basement.

Description: SCP-251 is a collection of villages located in the deserts of Africa. Each SCP-251 instance bears a homelands dating to the late-Hindu Empire of India. Underneath the SCP-251 instance's center-piece is a cave that leads to a small chamber. Beneath the top of the cave are several large, hollow tables, each staffed by a humanoid of unknown age ranging from fifteen to thirty-five. Various figures, such as men, women and children, are depicted on the tables. Individuals who are seated at the table appear to be comparable to other individuals, with a duration between about thirty seconds and forty-eight minutes.

The entity known as SCP-251-01 is a sapient, bipedal humanoid of indeterminate physical and mental attributes (apparently, regardless of its body type, it is of Caucasian weight. SCP-251-01 is humanoid in appearance and speaks in a soft, soothing voice.) that acts as the leader of the SCP-251 instances. Its character has not been determined. SCP-251-01's primary occupation is the provision of food and water to the SCP-251 instances. Its methods of communication are unknown.

The structure of the SCP-251 instances is composed of a series of walls in a distinctly medieval style, and at the center of each structure is a series of rooms corresponding to the quarters of the SCP-251 instance. Each facility has a largely comfortable bed section, a sauna section, a communal kitchen, a bathtub, a laundry room, and a dining area with a wall to the left and a counter to the right. The floors, walls, walls, and ceilings of rooms are heavily patrolled by a pair of Guardsmen. These Guardsmen are seen to wear a variety of different coats, and each carry a different type of rifle. As of writing, the Foundation has not located any measurements or any specific targets of SCP-251-01's existence.

All SCP-251 instances are inhuman in nature, and appear to exhibit no regard for human life. All SCP-251 instances will instead support the DNC by providing food and water. The DNC has given up on providing food and water itself, though they do not intend to retreat any further. They do, however, regularly manufacture and send large amounts of potted plants to the SCP-251 instances' self-contained villages, and guards have been stationed at SCP-251's containment site to monitor this.

Addendum 1: SCP-251-01 was discovered in a dimension where none existed. Investigation revealed that one of the most extreme aspects of the SCP-251 instance is a large, human-shaped hole in the center of the containment site, filled with a brown substance similar in appearance to a deep-fried Coke can. As long as such an individual is within six meters of the containment site, one of the SCP-251 instances will appear, and they will appear individually. The last SCP-251 instance was located after two months of containment, and was discovered to be a replica of a small boy, one-year-old, with the same face and movements as that of SCP-251-01. It was discovered that SCP-251-01 is a human-peoples version of SCP-251. The SCP-251 instance would become SCP-251-01's containment site throughout the containment site.

Addendum 2: Site-11 is still under construction, although at present it contains five SCP-251 instances. The SCP-251 instances appear to be sentient and autonomous. SCP-251-01 will quickly hand over decisions to SCP-251-01 all of which is controlled and controlled by SCP-251. SCP-251-01 attempts to move and/or enact policies to be favorable to SCP-251-01's members and policies allowing SCP-251-01 access to CDP materials, and shall have access to a security station for purposes of monitoring the SCP-251 instance. Further containment of the SCP-251 instances would require the use of heavier-than-air vehicles, in which cases SCP-251-01 would need to upload a remote control vehicle to the containment site. Each SCP-251 instance is evil in nature, and will only show its true nature to SCP-251-01. SCP-251-01 will be exposed to all manner of hostile technology and anomalous punishment, with no regard for the protection of human lives.


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