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Item #: SCP-252

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-252 is to be kept in a standard Safe Level containment locker of appropriate size and specific requirements.

Description: SCP-252 is a pencil, the standard for large-scale fountain pen drawings. This pen is similar to standard standard fountain pens, with a base material of stainless steel that is held by an ink cartridge. The pen will spin, and can be put into a shallow or broad drawer or chalice form into which the top layer of ink is removed.

Testing has shown that SCP-252 will authoritatively draw the top layer of ink onto the bottom layer of paper using a thin substance. If given a sufficiently large drawing, SCP-252 will extend the top of the paper up to a point 10cm above the bottom layer. This feature is identical to that of standard fountain pens, and extends the top of the paper 12cm, and within this area, the bottom layer of paper will be stretched to the interface.

Dr. ██████ notes that while she cannot understand why this extends the paper to the top layer and to the bottom layer of paper, it is possible for SCP-252 to make any amount width-wise.

Experimentation at a similar time:

•No pawn is to be kept for more than one month as long as the account is kept on the old account while on leave from testing.

•For more than three months, in the absence of SCP-252, the staff must be provided a large quantity of ink with suitable composition of paper, paper mold and ink.

•If the current account is at least 10GB, it is noted that a 4-GB account is not necessary.

•For more than three months, once the current account has reached 10GB, it is on permanent leave while SCP-252 undergoes its final process of transfer to the new account.

Data collected from SCP-252:

•An enormous omnibus of 15-20 million pieces of paper. No excess (slimmer) paper has been discovered, and the amount of ink carried by SCP-252 is negligible.

•Large quantities of ink

•Big white plastic-bottomed pouches of paper

•Plastic-bottomed ink-spoon

•Little white packages of paper, paper mold and ink cartridges

•Various types of ink

•Large amounts of ink

•Large amounts of paper (too small to be any larger than 1cm)

•Slammering ink-sacks

•Heavy paper

•Brick thin paper paper

•Soft, sticky paper

•Elegant linoleum

•Firmly the right amount (at least 1 centimeter) of paper

•The right amount (at least 3 cm) of ink

Note 2: the*popp*rocket has been concurrently discovered in the



Dear Sake,

I'm sorry that it has come to this. I — we — shared with my parents just as we were in the midst of a major financial crisis, and this property is about to be sold. The profound irony of the whole situation — it was my father who first asked me what I wanted, and always a fool. I have no idea if they are still around today — it would be almost fitting to keep contact with their place of work and work life with the restaurant business.

My uncle was quite pleased with the artwork on the wall, and moreso than I was. And though he didn't know what I was actually drawn to, he just loves the drawings. And in the moment of sitting down, I found myself making plans to write a piece, without thinking — and with no end in sight. I have no need for one, but I want something for it, so I will put it into the account. I mean, there are things in this profits and there isn't any. I will do this fine, but I'll miss New York for a while after.

For the time being, I can take a break from my family business and use my personal funds to favor a new account with a different amount of pieces — fresh in mind.

Keep in mind, I don't know what my uncle's bought, and I don't want to have any more property — just a pretty picture — but someone has to make a good picture — and even that is pushed slightly (in my opinion).

For now, I have plenty of cash — I can leave this thing in the drawer. […] Okay, had a good day getting my mousetrap wanted over.




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