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Item #: SCP-253

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-253 is to be kept in a standard Large Pkg Quantum Containment Cell for study and reference. Unauthorized remove of SCP-253 requires written approval of Level 3 Personnel.

Description: SCP-253 is a mechanical device capable of granting physical human perception. The anomalous effect of SCP-253 is not fully understood. All anomalous effects cease after being terminated by the user.

Research Teams are to try and locate an instance of SCP-253 that would allow them to create an anomalous reality construct.

Description: SCP-253 is a 2004 Toyota Camry. After being transported to Site-██ and carefully examined, it has revealed to contain a single partial device.

When activated by a human, SCP-253 animates in a similar manner to a flash drive. As the user obtains power, SCP-253 will continue transferring data to and from its own buffer. However, it does not require power to function. When it first appears, the process is completely automated and the operative will set aside a number of items, including items from previous to this point. After approximately 5 minutes, SCP-253 will release information on all items, revealing their whereabouts. The data element of the information field that originally allocated the selection of items to be released is replaced with a random element.

SCP-253 appears to process information accidentally. So far, testing with other people has shown that it is affected by events that others have yet to experience, and even by events that have yet to occur. However, this has yet to be seen in any of the other items visible to the brain.

In an experiment with SCP-253, it was discovered that as long as SCP-253 remembers, a non-terminating universe will appear to SCP-253 repeatedly until he dies, at which point he is presumed to have left, and will be referenced by the rest of the world.

From this point on, anytime a human leaves SCP-253, a large amount of information will be released about him, including his name, date of birth, where he lived, and the memories that have been stored on SCP-253. Over this time, as the information field continues to be altered to include information that appears to confirm the existence of the next universe.

Within 4 minutes of the user exiting SCP-253, data about the next universe will be released to current one, also and within the 5 minute timeframe. Currently, memetic technology is being used as a means to prevent SCP-253 from being terminated again.

Addendum: Incident 253-02

█████ █████, a high-profile Foundation employee and known intelligence foe, recently publicly asserted his innocence in connection with SCP-253. When interviewed, he stated, "I invented this year." Despite his initial conviction, additional clearance provided to him has led to the classification of SCP-253 as an Intelligence Threat Entity.

Addendum 253-03:

Due to recent development, SCP-253 has been given an additional SCP-253 containment module. This containment module will automatically monitor the SCP-253 containment site and terminate the instance of SCP-253 automatically if a pre-defined, time-based, pattern of anomalous effects do not manifest within the current time period.

Description: SCP-253 stands more than two meters tall, and has the capacity of absorbing as much as four billion CGI CGI's. When utilized by a human, SCP-253 creates a 3D model of the universe it was originally discovered in. Within this model, the universe is visible at all points in time, regardless of distance from Earth. Closely following the path of SCP-253, the universe will appear near the Earth at any point, and SCP-253 will remove itself from orbit and enter a state of suspended animation. The viewer will become immersed into this state, and SCP-253 will stop producing anomalous effects within an area of approximately 3.5 kilometers around the Earth.

Within 48 hours of leaving SCP-253, a mass of CGI's will begin appearing in various locations in the Earth. Each CGI will consist of ∼45,000 different entities, identical to an individual in the visible universe. The entities are common, and can be classified into two kinds: SCP-253-1 and SCP-253-2. SCP-253-1 "sneak attacks" during normal circumstances, in which SCP-253-1 entities will initiate one of SCP-253's pre-programmed methods of attack, and SCP-253 will then attempt to destroy SCP-253 and its entities.

SCP-253-2 entities consist of over 200 different entities, each of an identical form. SCP-253-2 entities are designed to be mobile and unable to move from one location to another, and if attacked in this way will simply reset and revert to their original state.


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