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Item #: SCP-262

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-262 is to be kept in a secure container and fed periodically, at least seven hours per day. SCP-262's food is to be regularly monitored, and equipment attached to the exterior wall is to be kept at a constant level 0.02 meters of mercury. The nearest human being in contact with SCP-262 is required to be tested for any anomalous properties, if located.

Description: SCP-262 is a small, white-winged hummingbird, with a brown beak and black throat. SCP-262 is able to communicate in a telepathic manner. SCP-262 is able to identify specific frequencies by speaking in a British accent. Telepathic messages sent by SCP-262 include:

"Ahem. Some things are a little... strange."

"Irine... mof… Pledges."

"Human recycling."

"Ain't many of us can do anything."

SCP-262 is able to repeat these words whenever any frequency is reached, regardless of distance.

SCP-262 is a co-operative species with personnel necessary to contain SCP-262. SCP-262 is capable of communicating with personnel, and thus has a containment protocol. A containment team has been assigned to SCP-262.

SCP-262 is able to communicate with itself when telepathically resonated by a human subject, and in most cases can overcome the wearer's cognitive resistance to communicate. This ability is not limited to sticks or nails.

Hummingbird concepts

SCP-262 can be identified by their hummingbird concepts. As of ██/██/1996, there are approximately ██ instances of SCP-262, with various meanings of phrases.

SCP-262's hummingbird concepts:









"Chirp" is interpreted to mean a syllable or two. The meaning of "chirp" is unclear, but 4 seconds is the longest time it has been recorded without an error.


"Saw-o" is interpreted to mean approximately nearly five seconds. The meaning of this phrase is currently unclear.


"Plume" is interpreted to mean approximately one minute. The meaning of this phrase is currently uncertain.


"Lake" is interpreted to mean approximately four kilometers. The meaning of this phrase is currently uncertain.


"Cocoon" is interpreted to mean approximately a week-long stay in a lake. The meaning of this phrase is currently unclear.


"Adoption" is interpreted to mean a human subject. The meaning of this phrase is currently unknown.


SCP-262 material, from circa ██ to ██ in the 20th century, is a collection of argueings on the nature of the universe and theology.

The first recorded controversy is the Creationism controversy between the Deistic Church of C█████ and the Post-Classical Orthodox Church, a cosmic-based religion. Some of the arguments in this document developed during this period, while others were introduced by other religions during the second (controlled) generation.

The second most prominent disagreement was the Krionite Church, founded by the Khronites circa the first millennium. The Orthodox Church was founded by the Transylvania, an ethnic group in the Caucasus region of the former Soviet Union.

The third more recently popular dispute was the "Old Testament" Kehennyevskite Church, founded by the Kherites in the 4th century. The Resurgence Church, an offshoot of the Kherite Church, was founded in the early years of the Church's influence over the Church of the Jute.

The fourth most popular dispute was the "Asiatic" Church, founded in the 1st century by the Salish Indians (Ancestors of the Walruses). The Shi'ite Church of Urakites is a minor offshoot of this Church.

The fifth most popular dispute took place between the Devout and the Technopaths, which was eventually settled by the Council of 1011. The "Devout" doctrine at the heart of Asiatic Christianity was taken directly from the Bible, while the Technopaths' "Throne" philosophy represented a biblical monarchy in the form of a true monarch. A discussion about the existence of the "Devout" doctrine would be forthcoming.

Note: Despite the above transmission, no single thing has ever been achieved by SCP-262. All disagreement is in their own words. - Agent Lang

Addendum 262-4: Both SCP-262 and SCP-262-1 have

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