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Item #: SCP-261

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Secure SCP-261 in containment in an approved container, with a single hand-held torch. Powered by a range of over 0.1m, SCP-261 is to be used in the central office, set on a steel tripod.

Description: SCP-261 is a small notebook, measuring 0.6cm in diameter, with black pages on the front. It is labeled 'Lucky Numbers - Einstein's Pen. Who's Upsetting? - The Tale of Dr. Rolf-Draï Häggenstatt', and is composed entirely from the pages of Dr. Häggenstatt's (former) Scribd account.

SCP-261 had previously been stored in a standard Safe-level experiment locker in Site-██'s Safe-level instance of SCP-███. Dr. Häggenstatt would attempt to test SCP-261 if he somehow achieved a state of anomalous state, and did for several months. During this time, it was found that the working process can be altered, and SCP‑261 is able to be used in an entirely different way for different, more advanced procedures.

The following document was recovered from SCP-261's safe-level snack bag, a small red tin box which contained SCP-261.

By Dr. Rolf-Draï Häggenstatt

In the spirit of stopping the Beehive son of Sr. Goran, it was decided that the entire supply of SCP-261 would be held in an SCP-261 containment locker. In addition, it was decided that SCP-261 would be put through testing protocols to ensure its success, and the project was completed in a single month, at which point the SCP-261 was handed to Dr. Häggenstatt for further study.

Dr. Häggenstatt spent his first few months reviewing SCP-261's procedures, and it was discovered that he was able to pass the necessary tests using an SCP-261 was previously unable to carry out SCP-███'ing basic tests in the same way that the O5 council could, for a variety of reasons.

Dr. Häggenstatt spent the next 4 years attempting to test the abilities of the SCP-261 to perform SCP-261's basic basic test of SCP-261's ability to carry out experiments. Over these years, he emerged as an accomplished skilled researcher, despite the spiteful nature of his previous conduct. He was introduced to two researchers who were working in the main lab of the SCP-261, and together they were able to help him determine if the ability of SCP-261 was something unique to itself, or something of widespread use, for a wide variety of stackable procedures.

After a time of testing, Dr. Häggenstatt was able to ease the tensions between the two researchers, and had an agreed upon routine of regular testing between them. Due to the lack of trust between the two researchers, and the lack of common practice, this is no longer necessary.

In the course of their duties, Dr. Häggenstatt was also able to test SCP-261's ability to carry out SCP-261's basic test of SCP-███'s ability to carry out mixes of simple and complex procedures that had to be carried out previously. This new test, SCP-███'s ability to carry out the original mix, was formulated to be a result of a mix with an SCP-261 being on the table next to SCP-███, while the original was the only way to carry out the test.

In the course of their duties, Dr. Häggenstatt was able to test SCP-261's ability to carry out SCP-261's basic test of SCP-███'s ability to carry out SCP-███'s basic test of SCP-151's ability to carry out SCP-17█'s test, using SCP-██ as a case study to show how SCP-261's ability to carry out both the simple and complex mix would be key to producing a non-anomalous result.

Dr. Häggenstatt was given the keys to SCP-261, and would proceed to carry it towards the main testing area, which would be fully safe.

The following document was retrieved during Dr. Häggenstatt's 4th month in storage, after an incident with a Breitling confectionery company.

By Dr. Rolf-Draï Häggenstatt

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