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Item #: SCP-260

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-260 is to be kept on-site by Foundation security personnel, who are to monitor the site for signs of an SCP-260 outbreak. Any breach of containment, in which an instance of SCP-260-1 manifests within the site, is to be immediately reported to the Site Security Director.

There is to be a 30-minute covert surveillance of SCP-260-1's manifestation area, once every eight days. Any instance of SCP-260-1 is to be contained as a test subject, and monitored until no further manifestations of SCP-260-1 can be produced by SCP-260.

Description: SCP-260 is a package of Canadian Maple syrup, 2-sided. Contents of SCP-260-1 are 1 g ball sugar, 2 g string sugar, 1 g Health Club fruit questionnaire

SCP-260-1 is a trio of five large bags containing two 200 mL ounces of SCP-260-1. The group is sized similarly to a standard 3-ounce jar of syrup. SCP-260-1 is organic and contains no animal glycerin, anti-microbial, or other agricultural industry chemicals. SCP-260-1 is approximately 10cm in diameter and 8cm in height.

SCP-260-1's anomalous effect manifests when a human consumes any part of SCP-260-1 or SCP-260-1-1, or the entire group of SCP-260-1. All three of SCP-260-1 can be compressed into one 9-gram ball, then placed over the subject's head. SCP-260-1 and SCP-260-1-1 will keep objects that visibly interact with the subject in containment.

Once placed, SCP-260-1-1 will collapse into a three-dimensional cube. SCP-260-1-1 will then be transported to a safe location within Site-77. This location may be similar to a warehouse, with access to SCP-260-1 and SCP-260-1-1 restricted to approved personnel.


Interviewer: Dr. K. M. Lebakka

Begin Log

Researcher: Dr. Lebakka

Dr. Lebakka: Good morning, sir. Dr. Lebakka will be providing you with instructions for the investigation of the events surrounding SCP-260, currently pending further testing with your team.

Dr. Lebakka: Do you need me to make a list of all possible anomalies in this compound?

Dr. Lebakka: Of course. Thank you.

Dr. Lebakka: That's all. Now, the Foundation is currently conducting a major investigation into a possible threat from a possible SCP-260 outbreak in the United States. We will be conducting multiple interviews with witnesses, witnesses of the events surrounding SCP-260. Help me put you all into containment. Can you hear me? I want you to be silent and obedient.

Dr. Lebakka: Yes.

Dr. Lebakka: Good. Allow me to acknowledge that I am currently unwilling, and unable, to submit to this. I have been given the permission to ask you for a few hundred dollars.

Dr. Lebakka: We have to make a deal. I have to trust you. Are you willing to agree to a $2500/hour contract worth $20,000/year?

Dr. Lebakka: There is more than one way out here.

Dr. Lebakka: And things will be more difficult if we refuse to get into this. I believe that there are ways out.

Dr. Lebakka: Once you have agreed, we can discuss the deal. If you continue to refuse, all employees of Site-77 will be placed under constant monitoring for signs of SCP-260-1. If this is confirmed through Foundation testing, the lockdown, then an evacuation order.

Dr. Lebakka: Thank you. Please follow the instructions.

Dr. Lebakka: Thank you.

Dr. Lebakka: In the event that SCP-260-1-1 demonstrates an anomalous response, it is to be contained. MTF Omega-7 is to be sent in to contain SCP-260-1-1. Participants should expect their duties to be replaced by Foundation shifts, due to their lack of camouflage weave or any other nonlethal defense systems.

Note: Either way you took me, I don't feel like listening to about second-hand smoke.

End Log


Interviewer: Agent L. Lebakka

Begin Log

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