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Item #: SCP-264

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-264-A is kept in a standard containment cell at Site-19. SCP-264-A is to be fed three 5lb empty canisters of standard non-anomalous chocolates charm of 50g each every 3 hours. Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to consume SCP-264-A.

Monitoring of SCP-264-A is to be undertaken remotely using any Foundation-approved visual detector. Any changes in SCP-264-A's responses are to be referred to Site Director █████████ for confirmation. Any change in SCP-264-A's mental state is to be documented and documented through rapid observation and psychiatric evaluation.

Description: SCP-264-A is an animate humanoid sculpture 1.2m tall. The entity is capable of contact and interaction with humans via a mechanical mechanism of SCP-264-A's mouth and abdomen.

SCP-264-A is capable of speaking when in contact with a human under the influence of the charm attached to it. This has been verified as a set of human–controlled commands for SCP-264-A to send out, which will be repeated to SCP-264-A on a regular basis. The results of these commands are at best largely unconfirmed, and at worst anomalous.

When commanded using SCP-264-A's mechanical vocal system, SCP-264-A responds by becoming a humanoid statue of similar size, and functionally identical in appearance to a traditional sculpture. The entity has a head, torso, a torso, and arms. Subjective thoughts and behavior are directed towards humanoid statues.

In addition to the humanoid statue manifested in SCP-264-A's body, SCP-264-A is capable of communicating via electrical energy to these same human beings. This work is to be performed through the use of a central energy source tied to SCP-264-A's abdomen, and the exact nature of which has not been ascertained at this time.

SCP-264-A was discovered after ██ deaths in [REDACTED], Colorado, along with 3 deaths in [REDACTED], and 3 deaths in [REDACTED], ██ years after the disappearance of [REDACTED] was known to be caused by a [DATA EXPUNGED] rock-and-metal sculpture. SCP-264-A was observed to pose no systemic or anomalous hazards to the populace in the event of an [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-264-A did not exhibit any anomalous properties when viewed by Foundation personnel.

As of the writing of this document, SCP-264-A is to be kept in an independent containment cell at Site-19. In the event that SCP-264-A's containment chamber falls into abnormal conditions, authorization of the research department is required to reroute SCP-264-A to another research facility. This process is to be approved by at least two (2) personnel from the MTF Tau-4 ("Wrap Up" referring to the O5 Council and the O5-5 "Board of Directors". Oriented towards [REDACTED] environments) and must take place over a period of at least ██ years, with the possibility of extending that time frame in case the containment chamber is inadvertently exposed to an incident.

SCP-264-A is not to be fed any non-anomalous chocolates, and in the event that SCP-264-A is inside of a containment cell, non-anomalous chocolates are to be provided to SCP-264-A.

Under no circumstances are personnel allowed to consume SCP-264-A's food.

Description: SCP-264-A (formerly an experiment on the creation of the SCP object known as SCP-264) is a humanoid sculpture constructed of the same material as an ordinary humanoid sculpture, but with large distinctive marks painted onto the side. This marks are made by floating a liquid containing a rare diamond-shaped crystalline substance into SCP-264-A's mouth. During transportation, SCP-264-A's body is identifiable by a light blue color, and a topographical distortion of the humanoid's torso in visible.

SCP-264-A was discovered on the floor of ███'s basement shortly after the death of ████████ █████, who was known at the time to have a severe mental illness inherited from his mother's elfin father. Police were alerted the next day when the body was found in a clearing in ███'s backyard. A coroner's report on █████ had been prepared by the police before the body was found. The body was found in SCP-264-A's body with a red head and eyes that seemed to have a mixture of green and blue light. The stone apparently was used to decorate SCP-264-A's body. The memorial was dedicated to ███████ ██████,

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