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Item #: SCP-265

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-265 is to be kept in a standard storage container, to be stored in a 500 ml high-chloride tank. SCP-265 is to be fed 2kg (3lb) of vegetable matter per day, delivered in the greenest half of the jersey worn by SCP-265.

Description: SCP-265 is a female human of African-American descent, born in ██████, Georgia, to an African-American father and a Caucasian mother. SCP-265 wears a green tuxedo, with floral decorations and writing on it. SCP-265 has been observed to consume a bacon cheeseburger once a day, suggesting a lifestyle similar to that of the researcher as 1152-1. However, SCP-265's philosophical views show that her previous enquiries were insufficiently understood. SCP-265 is inclined to present herself as a moralist, despite her lack of any knowledge of sexual morality. SCP-265 is to be allowed direct communication with other personnel.

SCP-265 will develop a taste for time travel related to any event in her career, and will attempt to assist any SCP-265 attempting to investigate a time slot.

SCP-265 be permitted access to her office as an administrative office, but must submit regular updates regarding SCP-265's salary with the Foundation on a weekly basis.

Description: SCP-265 is a male human of African-American and Caucasian ethnicity, from the suburbs of ████, ████, before setting up a Foundation branch in ██████, Georgia. SCP-265 is employed as a Foundation reporter, despite the fact that her salary is a CGPO. SCP-265 is often requested to report on a time-transfer event, which occurs in the form of a SCP-265-1 event.

The SCP-265-1 event takes place in which an anomaly collapses all Foundation facilities on Mars, causing an SCP-265-1 event. The SCP-265-1 event has taken place over a three-year period, and all SCP-265 events have taken place in the same time frame. Each SCP-265-1 event has been accompanied by a significant change in SCP-265's personal schedule, and is therefore highly unusual.

SCP-265 can be found by the Foundation at ██████████, ███, Georgia, after its disappearance in 2010. The SCP-265-1 event began on 08/07/2003, and lasted until 18/10/2011. During this time, SCP-265's salary has increased 37% compared to its pre-2009 value of $13.8M. The Foundation has requested her to return to regular work in order to track her increase, as she currently is earning $13.7 million per year.

The incident was followed by an extended period of Foundation containment and isolation, where SCP-265 has never been seen outside Foundation facilities since. SCP-265 is currently on leave, and currently maintains two security levels.

Descriptions of SCP-265 as "anomalous" or "unavoidable" are not accurate, and any such attempt to describe SCP-265 has proven futile.


Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Interviewed: SCP-265

Foreword: Transcript of an interview conducted in order to gain more insight into SCP-265's personality.

Dr. ██████: We then proceed to ask that the SCP-265 be allowed access to her office. Perhaps she will be willing to cooperate, or perhaps she will not allow it.

SCP-265: I was given this office in order to see what I could do with it. I heard it was meant to be a security office. When I asked if it was meant that way. I did not know what it meant, but I was assured that it had been arranged just that way. When I asked if it would be accepted, I was assured that it was.

Dr. ██████: Now, this is what I'm supposed to look for.

SCP-265: Well, I don't know why, but you know what I have found. I find it interesting to know if there is a time-travel event that has never occurred. I found the first time it happened, at the end of Kevin's school days. I had a desktop computer — a Macintosh PC — and I was on Research Assistant ████'s project on time-traveling objects. At that point, SCP-265 was not yet employed. There was another SCP-███, a time-traveler who came into her office, in the middle of the year. When asked about it, she said she did not believe it suggested anything.

Dr. ██████: What did you then do?

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