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Item #: SCP-273

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-273 is currently kept in an Euclid-level containment unit at Site-123. SCP-273 is to be fed two (2) live examples of German Shepherd puppies. SCP-273 is to be regularly fed non-anomalous food such as bananas, raw vegetables, potatoes, and cooked eggs. SCP-273 is to be inspected every three (3) months for changes in behavior.

As of August 1st, the following note has been written on SCP-273's containment unit wall:


Description: SCP-273 is a human male silver-breed dog, measuring approximately 60cm in length, with 47cm in height. Its age has not been determined. Its exact gender is currently unknown. SCP-273's neck and skull are covered in a large amount of bone, which has been determined to be human papillomatosis. Its skin is covered with a thin green substance, which resembles a layer of rust. Its tongue is smooth and formed into a small snout. SCP-273 has made a bed for itself in its containment unit.

Addendum 273-1: In SCP-273's containment unit, SCP-273 has been fed an assortment of raw fruits, vegetables, and cooked eggs. This includes potatoes, potatoes, apples, citrus fruits, and in addition, a variety of fruits, vegetables, and baked eggs.

A number of other edible objects have been provided, including frying pans, Candies, Cheers, chocolate candles, and Also Chocolate. SCP-273 has also been given a small snack from the main containment unit for each three (3) months it is allowed to consume them.

Addendum 273-2: SCP-273 has been given an auditory purr to make when it is happy. SCP-273 has been given a letter, that it will be given to a homeless woman, who will take it to work. Currently, SCP-273 is thought to be a happy dog.

Addendum 273-3: I think that SCP-273 is a good candidate for a Foundation project, if you have an interest in this SCP or another SCP. It is not at this time investigating the possibility of having a sapient animal around here, but if it was approved, I would certainly be interested in trying to get a dog to communicate with SCP-273. What's more, SCP-273 is inclined to express gratitude over any objects that it finds itself thankful for, so I could find other methods of getting SCP-273 this way. I'll see what I can do, but I'll have to keep my mouth shut about it.


1. It is recommended that this note be typed in the form of a Kickstarter request, as outlined in Addendum 273.

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