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Item #: SCP-272

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-272 is contained in a locked container with running water and no air humidity.

Description: SCP-272 is a 7-year-old chocolate fountain pen, issued to a male and female driver, with markings stating that both are male. SCP-272 has a similar formula to regular fountain pens but contains a small amount of alcohol.

Addendum 272-1:


SCP-272 was discovered at a local swap meet. Upon recognition of the object, the subject reported that it was a "little mysterious" before his wife told him to look it up. The item confirmed on the item's description was found in a letter box on SCP-272's burlap sack.

Addendum 272-2:


SCP-272 shows signs of being returned to the vehicle, unless it is requested to do so by a Level 3 researcher.

Addendum 272-3:


Due to its rarity, SCP-272 is not contained in its room for its own safety, located within a secure shopping mall. SCP-271 is to be fed meals, and to be allowed to cross-check its records with a database of SCP-272's previous visitors. SCP-272 is to be tracked remotely.

SCP-272 is to be codified as long as possible. However, this cannot be done without the consent of the other individual who, at the moment, is responsible for its containment.

Description: SCP-272 is a 7-year-old chocolate fountain pen, issued to a male and female driver, with markings stating that both are male. SCP-272 has an anomalous effect when an individual writes an SCP-272 (or any of the items on its owner's person) on anything that is not a paper, and once written, the item becomes a SCP-272. An SCP-272 will begin to be consumed, drawings, and items printed with it (up to three kilograms of coffee, a baggy shirt, and a sheet of white paper), and then disappear.

SCP-272 does not have a record of SCP-272's disappearance, and the document is unaltered.

SCP-272 was discovered during a routine audit of SCP-███'s circulation of alcohol. All SCP-272 instances were reported missing, despite existing, and there is no record of SCP-272 ever being returned to the same number, or possible exchange of funds.


SCP-272 has yet to be treated with any experimental methods, and has only been observed wearing an SCP-272 instance. It can never be separated from other items.

Addendum 272-4:


After Incident 272-A, the ████ Family Wax Museum found a ███ ██████ drawing, with a similar design to SCP-272. Analysis of the drawing suggested that SCP-272 was created by ██ children, all of whom had a commonality in common: they all had difficulty with verbal communication.

The ███ ██████ Family Wax Museum used SCP-272 to create a page of wheelchairs that reunite used and unmounted wheelchairs. SCP-272 could be used to communicate with these children to help them reunite and attend classes in the appropriate subjects, and was used to locate commonalities between children in various states of life.

SCP-272 is no longer required to function as a way to memorialize any children. As of Incident 272-A, SCP-272 is to be best treated as a special object, with no children on record to interact with it.

██ ██████ ██████ - May 22, 20██

Addendum 272-7:


In a community like this, children are going to have trouble making friends. Even if they practice all the kids' little brother's first and the dining hall's little sister's first and the carousel's daughter's brother's first, even if they have extremely close friends, they'll still have trouble making friends.

Note: If you're following the rules, the SCP Foundation has a page made for you.


As of ██/██/20██, all SCP-272 instances are currently out of containment. Due to the data contained in the SCP-272 instances, it is possible to check the status of all SCP-272 instances. Below are a list of current SCP-272 cases.

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