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Item #: SCP-275

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-275 is contained within a secure storage chamber, with no external access to the exterior of the structure. A 3-meter thick wire is to be placed within SCP-275, attached to each side of the main mass of SCP-275. This will be used to direct SCP-275 toward its containment chamber. SCP-275 is to be dimmed to ensure that no radiation is produced, and is to be held aloft at all times to ensure no other radiation comes into contact with SCP-275. SCP-275 is to be kept in a chamber with 1 meter thick glass, and 1 meter of wire in order to allow for the steady movement of SCP-275. The hallway leading to SCP-275 is to be kept under surveillance, and a security team from Site-17 is to enter if necessary.

Until its containment chamber is reestablished, SCP-275 is to be maneuvered gently with a cane, in order to prevent it becoming entangled in itself.

Description: SCP-275 is a class-4 humanoid with a red face, blue eyes, and small angular teeth. Its full suit consists of underground-grade materials comparable to those produced by the underground areas surrounding the U.S. of BPKR K██-██ until the material ran out long ago.

SCP-275 does not appear to be sentient, and appears to spend its time walking around its chamber and in a semi-normal manner. No instance of SCP-275 has been observed attempting to approach SCP-275, and all attempts to move SCP-275 fail.

SCP-275 is entirely made of bones which are genetically female, and have been placed together in its first molar and fifth. In addition, all of its teeth and molars are shaped identically, similar to those of a normal female.

SCP-275 has several anomalies that cannot be explained by standard genetics, including:

•Researchers who examine SCP-275 report no abnormalities; however, they can observe SCP-275 growing lengthwise, and calcification plates all over its space, from its face down.

•Spontaneous bone growth in the form of bone growths on its coat.

However, SCP-275 has not responded favorably to physical restraints.

After growths form within SCP-275, complete mass of bones and organs is transferred to SCP-275 along with them. SCP-275 does not move, and will only waste the materials it has collected. As soon as the bones and organs are transferred, an regeneration of bone and organs is initiated. These regiments, in addition to bone growths in SCP-275, do not function with additional amounts of bone.

The process takes place over a period of months, with SCP-275 regaining its entire mass of bones and organs within a period of six months.

During this process, SCP-275 is able to communicate with researchers, and the creature's species-level intelligence, based on information in its dossier.

The intelligence of SCP-275 is not the same as is the initial intelligence of the creature, however, it appears to be consistent with a 2.2-2.6-2.2-2.6-2.4 humanoid.

SCP-275 is programmed to use tools and weapons in an attempt to cause bodily harm. The entity will show symptoms of paranoia and hallucinations if exposed to a force, and will then use its abilities to damage the technology or alter the objects in its possession.

SCP-275 has been observed using its abilities to hack into multiple private websites, and attempting to access a file with multiple text files on it which will ask the user to enter over the course of an hour a password, an account with as many as one thousand passwords, followed by a prompt which requires the user to input the additional information of a random number. In addition, SCP-275 has entered its own system's corporate password, for which it uses a pattern of 33 characters.

When pushed for a password via SCP-275's password prompt, SCP-275 will simply say, "I'd like to use this information."

SCP-275 is a class-C anomalous object which refers to various individuals with the same anomalous capability. The entity itself, as well as a number of other personnel, are also class-C anomalous objects. SCP-275 is contained with a large container, and is said to be within its containment chamber until either the container is decorated or a new containment chamber is created.

Interviews have shown that SCP-275 is as close as possible to a human, with a culture-level intelligence comparable to that of a human being at the same level of intellect. It is currently theorised that SCP-275 is alive, as it is capable of giving birth to children.

History: SCP-275 is a humanoid, designed by Dr.

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