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Item #: SCP-276

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-276 is kept in a standard containment cabinet within the Site's Site-██ wing. The containment unit is equipped with a level one soundproofing wall and a soundproofing door. All components of SCP-276's containment unit are

translucent and opaque, and the light is provided by SCP-276. SCP-276 is to be replaced once a year by a new clone.

SCP-276-A is to be kept in a 20 x 20 x 20 meter containment unit larger than SCP-276-C. If SCP-276's containment unit is not equipped with soundproofing, it is to be fanned continuously for the duration of the anomaly. Specifically, the soundproofing unit is to be fanned at a constant rate of 3.8m/s, and the soundproofing door is to be fanned by the same amount.

In the event that SCP-276-A's containment unit is not fanned, a portable bleaching unit is to be placed within SCP-276's containment unit, to remove the plastic of SCP-276's containment unit's cell. This bleaching unit will be placed in the containment unit to prevent SCP-276 from functioning as a containment unit, if at all.

The filter rods are to be placed within SCP-276's containment cell once every day. SCP-276's containment cell is to be chewed up regularly for the duration of the anomaly's existence. D-class who had been subjected to an extreme amount of stress were to be fitted with regular stress-relieving amnestics before a procedure to review SCP-276's past was to take place.

In the event that SCP-276 experiences an abnormality, Procedure Crossover is to be scheduled immediately to intervene, and procedures to modify SCP-276's containment unit are to be mounted to SCP-276's containment cell.

Following Procedure Crossover, Procedure Fission is to be executed within SCP-276's containment cell, and activated at the earliest opportunity. In the event that SCP-276 is damaged or compromised, Procedure Fission is to be implemented again at the same time.

Description: SCP-276 is the individual known as D-706

Personnel with Level 4 clearance are allowed access to SCP-276.

SCP-276 is a 15-year-old Caucasian male, with significant facial features similar to those of an average male. It is impossible to identify any physical traits other than D-706's hair color and black skin tone. The causes of D-706's anomalous properties are unknown.

SCP-276 is able to communicate by speaking in an unknown language, and is able to speak in "a distant language" alongside the vocalization. The information in the dictionary contains English, German, and Spanish language words, in addition to an unknown language, reportedly referring to the Alta Alta Analaya culture, believed to be the first known religion.

Addendum 06276-A: When exposed to the language spoken by D-706, a procedure is triggered that is able to control SCP-276's anomalous properties. This procedure is known as Procedure Crossover, and is used once every four years.


The following is a transcript of D-706's thoughts prior to encountering SCP-276:

So I like to make people like me.

I know I do. Well, most of them, per my estimation.

I put out my plans. I see little to no lives left. I'm afraid, if I had to guess, that I may never be able to get one. Or even a single person.

Maybe, if I didn't know the afterlife.

I still get fright at the thought of reliving the past. Always have.

But I can't be that; I can't.

I'm afraid I can't stop it. I know my brother killed my family a long time ago. He used the same weapon to do it. Everyone was fine for a while, until they died. He didn't want to kill anyone.

There's something about us now. Reading books is not enough. No one lives in one place forever.

I found my brother's corpse. I had no one to bury, but to me it was just the right place. I'd say it was our parents, but I was mistaken, and they were just monuments. I finally was able to raise my children to keep their families here.

There's some things you are never meant to do, but I'm proud of those that I've tried. It's a scary place; they can't go out. Sitting alone in this place is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

I can

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