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Item #: SCP-277

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-277-1 is to be kept in standard containment locker 99U-3M, with monitoring device SS-BOOB-M. Unexplained objects are to be catalogued and stored in secondary storage at Site-██. As of 20/09/2018, SCP-277-1 is contained using methods described in Document 277-A.

Description: SCP-277-1 is a Kawasaki KX-51h, measuring 61cm x 49cm x 33cm. Its price tag bears no resemblance to any other Kawasaki motorcycle. All variant letters, bike serial numbers and model year have been replaced and standardized. The compatible Kawasaki motorcycle, SCP-277-1, appears to have been deliberately redesigned and remanufactured from the time of SCP-277-1's discovery to the date of 2017.

Various medical tests have shown that SCP-277-1's form and function correspond to a motorcycle created by an individual 3 years prior to Wright's death. The young Wright's developmental stage was non-anomalous, and the individual's physical appearance follows exactly the same form and pattern as a Kawasaki K50h. In each incident, the young Wright's motorcycle will be equipped with a Kawasaki X90C alloy frame, built around a parallel, inverted Suzuki motor.

In both incidents, SCP-277-1 has been observed riding at a high rate of speed, going approximately 0.3km/h at about 30 kilometers an hour. A close examination of SCP-277-1's path reveals that it always travels in the covered area of the Kawasaki; if not traveled through the outer protective protective layer in any of its lanes, it will slow to a halt near any of the Kawasaki's center turns. While SCP-277-1 is capable of reversing its strategy even in the presence of a Kawasaki X90C alloy, both phases of its "reverse-coasting" are performed at the same time.

SCP-277-1 is also capable of detecting notes written on its metal surface and reading them as if they were printed on a white paper. The models and pages of these notes are identical to those of the Kawasaki, with the exception of the date they were written and any variations in layout.

SCP-277-1's owner and previous employer, a 37-year old woman named Anne Sweeney of Chicago, have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of SCP-277-1, though their residence is listed in a neighboring township.

Addendum 277-A-1: On 20/8/2018, SCP-277-1 underwent a small amount of maintenance and wound more closely to the Kawasaki than originally planned. After initial contact with SCP-277-1, SCP-277-1 gained a significant amount of weight, forcing the Kawasaki KX-51h to be removed from its cargo container. The Kawasaki remained in an active state of function, generating normal small-vehicle processes. In addition to the continued use of SS-BOOB-M, SCP-277-1's owner also publicized that they were going to soon be activating Stabilization Technology for SCP-277-1, to prevent severe damage to the Kawasaki KX-51h.

Addendum 277-A-2: On 20/9/2018, an official investigation was carried out of [REDACTED] to determine if SCP-277-1 was one of the victims of the 2012 Quadra-Carnipede Incident. The owner and previous employer, a 37-year old woman named Mary-Ann Sweeney of Portland, were found dead in their home and found to have been subjected to a fatal collision accident on the way to work on 19/7/2012. The weapon used in the crash was found to be an obsolete Kawasaki motorcycle that was converted to incorporate an optional defibrillator in 2006.

This incident was extensively publicized in the media and the affected citizens of [REDACTED] were given Class-A amnestics. SCP-277-1 has since received non-anomalous medical assistance to prevent future events, and is being used to answer questions surrounding the Quadra-Carnipede Incident.

Addendum 277-A-3: Following the death of SCP-277-1's owner, it was determined that SCP-277-1 possessed an anomalous, anomalous correlation with the Quadra-Carnipede Incident. It is hypothesized that SCP-277-1's life support may have been activated prior to the crash.

Addendum 277-A-4: As of 20/5/2018, the location and size of SCP-277-1's containment locker remains unknown.

Addendum 277-A-5: On 20/6/2018, SCP-277-1 was reassigned to Site

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