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Item #: SCP-278

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The containment unit for SCP-278 is located in the basement of Site-10, adjacent to the Site-███ main building. SCP-278 is kept in standard containment unit 17. In the event that SCP-278 is controlled outside of containment, personnel are to remain alert to the location of SCP-278 at all times.

Description: SCP-278 is a 43-year-old male Caucasian male, found to be well-behaved and capable of conducting peaceful interactions with other members of the Foundation. SCP-278's most notable characteristics are heavy drinking and a tendency to engage in casual conversations with other Foundation employees. SCP-278 has exhibited no notable behavioral changes. Instances of SCP-278's anomalous properties appear to be solely due to this individual's seemingly fluid mood.

SCP-278 looks to other Foundation employees as a source of amusement. In addition to engaging in seemingly casual discussions with other Foundation personnel, SCP-278 has demonstrated an ability to influence the opinions of Foundation personnel at all levels of the facility's hierarchy.

SCP-278 appears to be, at most, an extroverted male of a North American appearance. At any given time, SCP-278 is a mid-level SCP-78 containment specialist. SCP-278 has maintained multiple anomalous characteristics despite the circumstances of containment.

SCP-278's anomalous effects consist of causing an invasive, often fatal amnestic reaction when employed within the Foundation. Although SCP-278's anomalous properties seem to subside following the amnestic, SCP-278's subsequent actions have caused dangerous end-of-the-world scenarios in Foundation personnel and the sequestered civilian population.

SCP-278 is capable of enhancing its anomalous abilities in the following ways:

•Eliminating the mental effects of the amnestics.

•Resetting the memories of the former containment specialist.

•Resurrecting the memories of the containment specialist who is deceased.

SCP-278 is also capable of being a disruptive force outside of containment.

SCP-278's main contribution to the containment and monitoring of SCP-278 is the ability to possess a Secure Containment Unit, which retains sapient functions and function similar to a standard containment unit, except that SCP-278 itself is unable to leave the containment unit or leave its containment unit.

SCP-278's anomaly is not known to affect any non-human species. SCP-278 has been noted to become hostile towards any persons displaying a certain type of anomalous ability and is extremely hostile to any SCP-278 referred to by those persons. SCP-278 does not defend its anomalous abilities or attempt to recruit members of the Foundation. No non-robotic weapon has been used to disable SCP-278, including the aforementioned automatic use of SCP-78's electronics in order to place an image of SCP-278 on a non-anomalous notification device.

Addendum 278-01: On ██/██/1948, SCP-278 underwent the effects of a successful amnestic attack upon its containment unit. During this attack, SCP-278 briefly gained access to SCP-278's containment unit. This access was not obtained by any means other than a simple dismissal.

13/█/1948: SCP-278 appears to be a neutralized version of SCP-278-2. SCP-278-2, a copy of SCP-278-2, is placed in storage at Site-███.

14/█/1948: On ██/██/1948, SCP-278 appears to be a fully-functioning (and potentially under-terminated) instance of SCP-278-2. SCP-278-2 appears to receive its orders from SCP-278. SCP-278-2 attacks the containment unit with an exceedingly low rate of fire. SCP-278-2 is capable of delivering lethal combat strikes to an unknown number of military vehicles, though it is unknown how many it possesses. It is noted however, that SCP-278-2 has been given intelligence-gathering abilities similar to SCP-278-1.

15/█/1948: On ██/██/1948, SCP-278 reverts to its neutralization state. It is currently unknown how SCP-278 has retained the ability to disassociate itself from the deployment of SCP-278, or how it has done so in the past.

27/██/1948: SCP-278-2 reverts to its neutralization state on ██/██/1948.

28/██/1948: On ██/██/1948, SCP-278 reverts to its neutralization state.

29/██/1948: On ██/██/1948, SCP-278 reverts to its neutral

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