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Item #: SCP-279

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A headless humanoid of Asian ethnicity must be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-81 and maintained at least once per month. Unexplained mutations affecting this person are to be cataloged and referred to the Research Director in L.A. for further study. SCP-279 is not to be allowed to leave SCP-279’s cell without prior approval.

Description: SCP-279 is a humanoid, shaped like a large otter, with angled cheeks, large mouth and fangs, and a very close resemblance to an adult American seal otter. When tested for identification, all of SCP-279’s teeth, gums, and fangs have all been successfully identified as American seal otters' gums.

SCP-279’s eye coloration, shape, texture, and eye color are located in a similar fashion to the hair on the back of the Otus domesticated Otrinus castaneus, indicating the existence of a tie-like structure.

SCP-279 is able to use food provided as food to dissolve and obtain information, and at the same time also to provide information on this site. SCP-279 has been observed to accomplish this by using food that it previously collected for its own use, or that would be required for the proper procedure.

SCP-279 does not produce any anomalous or anomalous abilities unless it is able to complete a series of steps involving anachronisms or behaviors that cause it to experience discomfort.

After preparing and consuming edible parts of unknown origins, SCP-279 returns to its original form within 5-7 seconds after finishing the steps.

In order to complete the steps, an unknown number of anachronisms, behaviors, or a combination of both may be passed over SCP-279. Each serviceable anachronist or repertoire of anomalous behaviors determined by SCP-279 is set to a level of accuracy sufficient to complete these courses.

SCP-279 can also utilize the human body as weapons for combat purposes. Human beings, animals, and other living beings are rejected for use in SCP-279 once this information and information has been successfully passed through a physical form of SCP-279.

If a human has served this knowledge successfully, SCP-279 will shift most of its sources of information in favor of the human ― in the process rendering the human irrelevant.

SCP-279’s eyes are unique, and are covered in a visage with skin with similar colors such as mahogany, brown, and green.

The Eye in the Fish

SCP-279 The Eye in the Fish

When an anomalous person enters the waiting private quarters causing a breach of containment, SCP-279 will immediately close its eyes and take a separate seat next to the headless humanoid. The headless humanoid will then procedurally provide information on the individual, and pass it through anachronism or behavioral trait, of interest to SCP-279. At this point, the anomalous entity, or entities, will undergo the same process as a non-anomalous humanoid.

As with other SCP objects, SCP-279 will not have access to any information regarding those it only creates. In order to do this, SCP-279’s wires and power supply must be connected to some form of power source.

One of the anomalous entities so-called "The Eye in the Fish" has received limited results in containment attempts.

The Eye in the Fish

SCP-279 The Eye in the Fish

Name: Dr. █████

Transcription: The king of the field in the south, The Eye of the King wears the white suit of a duke and the brown tunic of a shepherd.

Dr. █████: All right, Access Wraith? He's over here again. Tell me more about this page.

Access Wraith: I’m going to introduce you to it, and very quickly so. It was my goal to incorporate the location’s many legends into the code of this page, in hopes to create some sort of a test page.

Dr. █████: What do you mean?

Access Wraith: I mean when you were and I am, this kingdom was a ghost town, and many of the things that used to be. We had the skeletons of a thousand cities I’m not sure how many, but none of them were very pleasing to look at, not with all the skeletons. Most of them were mostly ruined or were all just steps away from the horizon. The only thing we had were the bones and the eggs. I heard the Protocols, and I had the bones. All of those migraines have gone away, and I just like having them.

Dr. █████: But...did you

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