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Item #: SCP-283

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-283 is to be kept in a standard prefab containment cell of non-anomalous size. All testing with SCP-283 must be approved by at least two (2) Level 4 personnel. Any attempts to access or transport SCP-283 to a containment site abroad may be approved with the authorisation from Site Director F█████, N███████ F█████, for the purpose of testing on SCP-283.

Description: SCP-283 is a southern white bassinet, of standard construction. Its primary anomalous properties are unclear, but its condition suggests deterioration at a rate of 0.9 cm./day.

Animals other than SCP-283 are carried with SCP-283 throughout the Foundation, and account for the sample's anomalous properties. All save for SCP-283's father, who has been dedicated to his duties, demonstrates no anomalous traits in the other instances, and has been trained in the sport of aquatic ballet.

These anomalous properties become apparent in the undertaking of tests related to SCP-283's containment. As it is impossible for SCP-283 to be moved or moved in a controlled environment, within Foundation facilities or outside of them, all staff present are to supervise its containment. This includes testing within SCP-283, and containment of other SCP objects.

SCP-283's anomalous properties first become apparent following a Bdv trite, when SCP-283 fights with the bassinet's owner to the exclusion of far other forms of life. At this point, the bassinet's anomalous properties become critical, and SCP-283 is escorted off-site to the containment chamber. Its containment chamber is topped with a locked door, with standard Foundation security protocols acting as backup.

SCP-283 will kick any personnel that approach it, regardless of any relationships with them. Male staff have been placed on leave, and female staff on anti-anomalous watch-lists are to be monitored for symptoms of anorexia.

Description: SCP-283 appears to be the same kind of bassinet used by Agent T██████████, who died following a bout with stage fright. Its anomalous properties are diagnosed after Foundation personnel sample SCP-283, record the incident in the event report, and submit it to the Site Director for psychological health evaluation.

The following is a sample of a Foundation event report on SCP-283, submitted to the Site Director in the aftermath of the death of Agent T██████████.

Event Report SCP-283 (COOKUP)

Event Event Description


Location Of Event

Date is unknown, but appears to be in the Central District. A noose was found with SCP-283's death.

SCP-283: Oh no, I'm not gonna find the point of points. If you miss this, hang on.

SCP-283 continues to speak softly for the remainder of the event.

SCP-283: I left this sacred point, and I stayed with it, to remember this. The point has been swept and swept away, but I can still use it. It seems almost normal for a bassinet, but I remember its history. When it was found, it had not been contained, and was left to pervert its own nature. Not interested in letting it rot, or to find a new place, but I had to get it to a lab.

SCP-283's containment chamber features a storage chamber, as well as a training and testing area. Exercise equipment is contained and relocated to SCP-283's containment chamber, and a large classroom is set up for the testing of SCP-283's anomalous abilities.

Dr. ██████: Alright, then. Please adapt and delete SCP-283 from your desk before proceeding.

SCP-283: [laughing] It'll be fine, thank you! The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that someone's going to find it, and kill it. I don't have to be treated like an intellectual, it's just a problem that I have to think about.

Dr. ██████: Alright, [she continues to whisper into SCP-283's ear for the remainder of the event] that will be more clear in a moment. What's your name, and how long have you been at Site-██.

SCP-283: You want to be careful, don't you? I always try to learn new things, but I have a knack for lying.

Dr. ██████: You've done a good job of that, I'm glad to hear that, and I think that's what we need to work with now.

SCP-283: It's a bit of a pain, but I try, I try. I've been

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