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Item #: SCP-282

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-282 is to be contained at Site-76 within a standard Physical Sealed Containment Unit. The interface of SCP-282 is to be supplied with a standard (standard) pocket-sized device, and the interior is to be sealed with a Solid Waste Management Z-cube system. The following instructions are to be followed:

•SCP-282 is to be placed on a solid waste disposal unit with the instruction "20% off by 3yr intervals for dispose of garbage."

•SCP-282 is to be placed within a storage unit with instructions "Do not use incinerator on garbage disposal unit."

•SCP-282 is to be furnished with a standard (standard) pocket-sized device to remove the waste matter in a solid waste disposal unit.

•The interior is to be secured in a Solid Waste Management Z-cube system. The top of the unit should be covered in one-square-metre plastic, with a steel filtration filter inside.

•The exterior walls of the unit should be coated in a "LX-brand" polyethylene lining.

•The unit is to be sealed, and the internal windows located at all corners of the unit are to be sealed with a Thermostat-brand UV filter.

•The foundation of the unit should be scratched with a soft brush and then treated with an anti-foaming solution for 30 times an hour in any direction.

•Within the unit, the waste matter in the waste disposal unit should be cleaned once every three months.

•Once the event of SCP-282's activation has occurred, a push-button manual "close" button is to be placed next to SCP-282 in the control center. The waste matter in the waste disposal unit is allowed to be added to an incinerator-equipped incinerator furnace once per week.

Description: SCP-282 is a standard disposable shopping bin with a standard button-activated keypad and a standard standard electronic access keycard.

When SCP-282 is triggered, an automatic process will take place in which three (3) "what" questions are asked.

"What thing are you with?

"What object are you holding?

"How did you get into this place?"

"Do you want to try and decline to answer these questions?"

"Do you mind answering these questions?"

"Other questions?"

"Question stops here."

Users of the SCP-282 app are aware that if they respond to these questions, a button will be presented to them that releases the waste matter in their need. The app is currently not known to have been used for this purpose, as it is unknown to the app what/when it came as.

Individuals who select SCP-282 as a need can then download the app to a portable device. Upon installation, SCP-282 will then display instructions for use.

SCP-282 was found near the home of a █████ ██████████ on ██/██/██. SCP-282 activated immediately. The user reported witnessing a "hike" in their life, which he believed was not related to the need for SCP-282. Upon activation, the user immediately awoke from a "transfiguration" state and spent nine years exploring and discovering the city of █████████. The user has only identified a single thing that has been common to them: "what thing are you with?"

The city of █████████ is estimated by current local knowledge to contain at least ███,███,███ individuals and ████,███, ████ individuals.

In the event that SCP-282's activation is successful, SCP-282 is to be repaired and adjusted. If SCP-282 has had its anomalous effect reworked, the cost of repairs is to be compensated to the requesting user. The amount of compensation will be set directly by the requesting user.

SCP-282 is a standard Mystery-type flash drive with a standard USB-type-C connection port and a standard microSD-type-U micro-card reader-access port. SCP-282 has no anomalous properties when placed on a portable device, and can be easily used as a "time sink" for reading books or files to be further removed from the memory of the SCP-282 user.


1. This is a reference to SCP-████.

2. A Sign of Events related to the Foundation.

3. SCP-███ is believed to have given SCP-282 control of the power source of SCP-███ to begin with.

4. Physically, SCP-282 is resistant to harm. The entire object is radially shaped with the exception of the antennae, which are curved and point toward the viewer.

5. Prior to writing

alive _cc cognitoh

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