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Item #: SCP-281

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-281 is kept in a standard Safe-class containment vault that is to be kept on-site at all times. SCP-281 is not to be allowed to leave its containment area without the supervision of Level 3 personnel. Destruction of SCP-281's containment area is not permitted without the authorization of a Foundation researcher.

Description: SCP-281 is a blue, nootropic substance applied to the body of a humanoid baby being the age of four.

It is not known when SCP-281 was first discovered, and it is unknown how long it has been in Foundation custody.

SCP-281 was manufactured by a ██-███████ corporation from 1798 to 18██. It is currently protected by a Legion of 10m. The chamber where SCP-281 is contained in its containment vault is shaped like the original containment vault. The lead-lined chamber is lined with a thick woolen mesh. The walls of SCP-281's containment vault are lined with black polyurethane. It is currently housed at Site-██.

SCP-281's anomalous effect manifests when any subject within a 10km radius, and at an optimal depth of 100m, attempts to reach a deep pool or a pond adjacent to SCP-281's containment area.

Subjects will manifest regardless of whether or not they can access SCP-281's entirety, regardless of how deep or shallow they attempt reaching it. If they are unable to reach SCP-281's chamber, they will instead be affected by SCP-281's anomalous effect.

The initial stage of this process involves the patient's physical and mental subjugation of the water around them. They will encroach on a 2m depth barrier (as defined by the item's level of protection) and use their own depth to submerge themselves. This is followed by a redesign of the water, and the next 10cm (1.2m) of water will be subject to SCP-281's anomalous effect.

At this point, the internal organs of the subject will begin to be constructed of water. This water will (re)normalize to the ███ Laboratory magic. At this stage, SCP-281's outside will be covered in water and it will be possible for them to enter SCP-281's containment area.

In the second stage, the water in SCP-281's containment vault will be expanded to create a significant quantity of water.

If I'm in a pond, I can't



SCP-281's containment area is to be filled with a 100m by 100m (300m) wide acrylic plank. SCP-281 is to be submerged inside of the acrylic plank, and placed between two of this plank.

Personnel are to submerge themselves in SCP-281's water until they are under the influence of SCP-281's anomalous effect. This process must take place repeatedly, removing the water at exactly one (1) minute intervals.

At this point, they can be recalled by telepathic link. Research staff are to then forcibly repurpose SCP-281's water.

Incident report 281-s-1: On 04/13/20██, Foundation task force agents located a large influx of water in and around the ███████████, ████████, ███████ ██'s ancient swimming pool, which contained SCP-281.

The water was eventually transported to Site-██. It was found that SCP-281's venomous properties had been discovered, and were contained within SCP-281's body.

By ██/██/20██, the water was administered a potent neurotoxin as a "power-cycle" inhibitor, and SCP-281's body rejected the pain. The water available had been removed from the ███████ Pool. However, before the schedule of water could be reestablished, the water at the pool was suddenly released at exactly 12:00 AM.

The water appeared to be free of other fluids or nutrients, and was stored in SCP-281's so-called "own water". However, it bounced back between the pools inside of SCP-281's body, causing them to become filled with water. Water circulated in thepool for exactly 1.4 seconds.

The pool bed inside SCP-281's body began to leak, and was replaced by a pool bed that had caused water to enter SCP-281's body. The water in SCP-281's body ceased to be contained.

The humans inside of the pool were found to be diabetic. Autoscopes showed that 99% of the human population was taking insulin.

According to current testing, the water forms a proximity effect within 10km of SCP-281's containment area.

SCP-281's anomalous effect appears to

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