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Item #: SCP-288

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-288 is contained in standard standard containment wing of Site-███. SCP-288 is located within standard containment wing. SCP-288 is allowed limited access to SCP-288’s containment chamber to test. Testing for SCP-288’s anomalous effect should be approved by a Level 3 researcher with At-the-Right-Now approval. All personnel entering containment of SCP-288 are required to wear earpieces of a Class 2 level currently.

Description: SCP-288 is a two-year old twin-camper van with the words “Spirit of a Dawn” on its front. Without any windows or distinguishing markings on the front of the van, SCP-288 acts as a two-door camper within the confines of its containment wing. SCP-288’s anomalous effects manifest when the lights on the front of SCP-288 begin dimming very rapidly, at which point SCP-288 becomes indistinguishable from normal camper vans.

SCP-288’s anomalous effects are only created when SCP-288 is activated by a human being. The activation of this ability was first detected by Max Leader of the █████████ Industrial Group (HLG) during a ritual held on the anniversary of the day after the accident that occurred, and was confirmed by the local sheriff's department.

Autonomous Testing Log

9:21 PM

Subject was instructed to squat on the ground next to SCP-288.

Subject did so.

SCP-288 activated.

Subject immediately sat on the passenger seat, and stroked SCP-288's horn.

4:62 PM

D-10036 (two years old) was instructed to stand and talk calmly to SCP-288.

D-10036 obeyed.

D-10036 continued if instructed to talk.

D-10036 had a three-week conversation with SCP-288.

All the sounds from D-10036's conversations were recorded, but script was rewritten for this experiment.

D-10036 said nothing.

D-10036 said "Now that the festivities are over, I'm feeling quite comfortable in my van."

D-10036 said "Where did I have the money?"

D-10036 said "Regardless of where you get the money, I'm not a heaven-bound puncher. I have a spare boat. I have a second boat. I have a third boat. And a fourth one."

D-10036 next replied "I'm really sorry. I think the first two were the most peaceful. Considering the events I have to go through to get the money, I was thankful that I didn't have to take it to a charity. I would have browsed through the Charity Navigator. The third was from a hitman, going to protect me from the sun. The fourth was going to rescue someone."

D-10036 was instructed to stop.

D-10036 said "You're going to be sorry."

D-10036 stayed silent.

D-10036 said "But, I was carrying a bucket of water because I thought that our baptism was the best way to wash the fear from the hearts of those I worked with. I decided to have you think of me as a bathing buddy."

D-10036 thought about it for a moment.

D-10036 said "Oh, it is."

D-10036 shut his eyes before continuing.

D-10036 picked up D-7479 from within SCP-288, and carried them inside of SCP-288.

D-7479 had been captured after the events in ████████. As such, all-clear was relayed to all personnel involved, and they were registered inside the van.

D-7479 was instructed to talk directly to SCP-288.

D-7479 began to talk to SCP-288.

D-7479 said "Hello, I'm going to say something. My name is D-5479. I would like to ask you to help me get my son back before the end of the month. I don't want to end up in a ditch, but I can't, so I'll have to consult the Charitable Society. If you don't mind, I will write something down. If anything is left on my list, please pull me out of my mind. I have a small collection for you to look through at the end of October. I have some notes from the town to mark down, as you trace things back to, and read when you're done."

D-7479 sat down, and drew a small box.

D-7479 immediately began to draw the box.


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