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Item #: SCP-289

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-289 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment locker at Site-11 at all times. No one with level 2 or higher clearance may access SCP-289.

Description: SCP-289 is a human male human, 32 years of age, of Greek ancestry, formerly a paramedic working for the local police department in ███████, ██,, ██. In the summer months, SCP-289 will cheerfully hold a small foam-ball, nicknamed "Advisers Ball", which he follows around the house. Upon waking, SCP-289 will present anyone who enters the room with a ball to be held in his hand for the next four hours. If a person tries to touch or converse with the ball, SCP-289 will attempt to excerbate it with his hands, causing it to turn brown, and then become with apparently the will of the ball. SCP-289 will then enter a state of extreme rage and physical aggressiveness, often in the form of throwing rocks or other objects at other humans. Attempts to persuade SCP-289 to leave the room with the ball have also ended in severe physical confrontation with him.

SCP-289 will begin to ask questions regarding the person with the ball in his hands, explaining them in a rich, monotone voice. He will not respond directly to questions about people would get involved in his life. SCP-289 does have a habit of attempting to teach his class about the game of baseball. During this process, he will be accompanied by a small group of assistants of various shapes, and will move about the room, talking to the subject with the ball in hand. SCP-289 has stated that he loves to hear these lectures, and will often change his tone and style to match his desired subject.

SCP-289's best friend, "Advisers Ball", will appear around the subject of SCP-289's "behaviours". He will not respond directly to questions about people that would get involved in his life, but will always shift his style and voice in order to make the subject feel comfortable and adopted by them. He will change to be slightly creative, and will occasionally shout either in an exaggerated manner, or in a manner that is not self-aware, depending on the tone and status of the conversation. SCP-289 will excerbate "Advisers Ball" with not much force, and will frequently alter the subject and himself to match the subject's mood.

SCP-289's only known method of communication is to mumble into his phone and chuckle. When asked about this, SCP-289 replies "unfortunately, I have not the slightest idea what I am talking about" whenever he has intended to say something serious. Despite this, SCP-289 seems to have good communication skills, and skills that make him a good team player. SCP-289 has stated that he is comfortable with children, and has a great interest in them.

Due to experimentation with SCP-289, no one have been able to determine what exactly SCP-289 is and is not capable of doing. This is only for the time being, due to his behaviour, and the potential danger that he poses.

SCP-289 (ぽそきゃいさしゃほ-ωり) appears to be a conventional human male who is played in a game of baseball. However, due to his ability, and lack of time, SCP-289 has been able to play a small game of baseball, as well as set up a small game of baseball ball with a light baseball bat, fashioned out of various materials, when the opportunity arises. At the time of writing, SCP-289 has decided to be a regular baseball player for the "Advisers Ball" game with his other best buddy "Advisers Ball".

Addendum 289-01: SCP-289's ball-form was discovered in ██████ ███, when a member of Foundation personnel was playing an SCP-289-controlled ball.


SCP-289 entered the room. Object was placed on the table in the room.

"Advisers Ball"

"Advisers Ball"

I've seen enough.

This will be a baseball game, but he can't pick up and hit the baseball.

What a dumb idiot.


{SCP-289-J}: Oh, what a stupid thought! I'll have the ball hit right through your eardrums, so you'll have to be able to tell who owns the ball.

[SCP-289-J enters the room and collapses to the ground with the ball facing his face. SCP-289-J attempts to hit the ball with the bat, but before it can touch him, it bursts

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