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Item #: SCP-290

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-290 is to remain on Level 3 public accessibility at all times. Foundation users using Level 3 personnel may refer to SCP-290 for guidance regarding the operation of Level 3 Projector's aperture.

Description: SCP-290 is the collective designation for all SCP-290, 240-300, 300-9335, and 200-5980-1 instances, all of which are focal points of SCP-290. It is believed and maintained that SCP-290 is the only element capable of manifesting and sustaining SCP-290.

SCP-290 is not purely passive, though regardless of how similar its anomalous properties to those of other SCP-290, it prefers to be in close proximity to the remains of a living being at all times. SCP-290 is capable of manifesting a small manned vessel and/or aircraft, designated SCP-290-A, which can be launched or launched from outside SCP-290's vessel. SCP-290-A with SCP-290-2 (the result of SCP-290-1 interacting with the internal structure of the deceased) have been documented to be propelled by SCP-290 via pressure from the interior of the ship, and traverses SCP-290 at a rate of roughly 1km/h.

An unknown number of SCP-290-2 instances have been observed at any given moment moving around the exterior of SCP-290.

Of note are the following:

•SCP-290-A instances are capable of producing SCP-290 using existing Humanoid Materials, with the exception of containment chambers containing the remains of deceased individuals, as well as itself.

•SCP-290-A instances possess two legs, one large, one small, and has two ████-dimensional-span sails. They are able to reach speeds of ██000km/h; however, personnel encountering them have stated that this only occurs for a duration of 10 minutes, after which a single large sail will return from the nearest small sail and traverse SCP-290. SCP-290 does not allow SCP-290-A instances to become lodged in any surface which may be affected by SCP-290-2. SCP-290 itself has a field of approximately ██m of air pressure at all times, and remains adequately liquid-drawn.

•SCP-290-A instances possess a series of small organs for stretching and with certain formulations including gas exchange, stasis, and physical equilibrium, though these are unable to move or shoot projectiles. These organs are also characterized by the presence of numerous [DATA EXPUNGED] organisms, though they all exhibit anomalous properties only when given enough food.

•SCP-290-A instances do not show symptoms of any abnormal physiological condition, but may suffer from excessive nerve endings and surgically-repaired muscle structure.

•SCP-290-A instances are able to create usable SCP-290-A materials from the approximate remains of deceased individuals. SCP-290-A-equipped SCP-290-A instances have not proven able to do so without SCP-290's assistance.

^As of 12/02/2015, SCP-290-1 has been identified and removed from the remains of deceased individuals.~Dr. Reed

Addendum 290-1: SCP-290.1

On 12/02/2015, footage of another occurrence at SCP-290 was recorded. This time, 77 personnel were encountered by SCP-290, which quickly resolved the situation. While SCP-290 was attempting to hand a large tank of water [DATA EXPUNGED] to a D-class, SCP-290-1 approached it. D-class was given access to SCP-290, 5 salvos of SCP-290, ████████, ████████, and ████. After a few minutes, SCP-290 was able to take D-class into containment, and was terminated using extreme force.

Addendum 290-2: Records of SCP-290's containment of SCP-290-1

Recovery: SCP-290 was discovered, recovered, and contained in ████, ███████, with the remains of SCP-████, SCP-████, SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-████. The deceased of twenty-six individuals had died since 13/██/2015. Due to the increased volume of SCP-290-1 instances in the building, it was decided by the D-class that Site-55 was not suitable for any further containment procedures. As a result, Site-55 was condemned, and the remaining instances were taken to Area 46, where they are being stored with the deceased in Foundation custody.


SCP Foundation. At this time, the SCP-290 complex has been declared "

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