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Item #: SCP-292

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-292 has been contained in Site-177. Testing of SCP-292, such as is done with SCP-190, is only to take place under the supervision of Dr. █████.

Description: SCP-292 is a piece of his manga character "Kuroto", present on the Naruto Encyclopedia as the character Anthroton, known to be in constant habit of suffering from an undiagnosed form of dementia. Further testing has yielded the results of SCP-292's early death on 4/7/2012. This event coincided with Foundation personnel being found resting in SCP-292’s room. These personnel were interviewed and found to have no knowledge of SCP-292’s death. As of this date, SCP-292 remains in a comfortable mental state, and is determined to be retired.

SCP-292 shows symptoms of dementia, as detailed on the official website of his manga’s publisher, Keio Shōzō, dated 5/6/2013. It is noted that SCP-292 has no memory of his earlier life in his head at the time of his death.

SCP-292 also barks and caws whenever exposed to unfamiliar sounds, most notably his Japanese vocalizations. Due to this, most noise currently would cause the user to stagger or spasm due to the mental effects.

Addendum 292-01: On 25/1/2013, a containment breach occurred, resulting in a breach of Site-177 and a breach of SCP-292. The breach was quickly re-contained and the subject has been designated the new subject.

Note: Aftermath of containment breach. It appears that SCP-292’s latent effects are active. Shall not be attempted to sedate SCP-292 at Site-177 until further notice.

Addendum 292-02: On 5/7/2017, a containment breach occurring within Site-177 resulted in the death of SCP-292. SCP-292’s bondage took a particularly severe beating.

SCP-292 escapes from his room through a secret door, bypassing the door so that SCP-292 may either proceed to the containment chamber or relax into the room. SCP-292 was found on his bed, attempting to fight off the effects of his iridescent nature.

SCP-292 made attempts to use its iridescent nature to break free of its restraints, but was unsurprisingly ineffective.

Addendum 292-03: 1:0 PM, 2:12 AM, 4:40 AM, 5:07 PM

SCP-292’s room is currently not being checked for the presence of SCP-277:

SCP-292: Hello there, Kumamoto-san. How are you feeling?

C: Hello, SCP-292. I’m sorry to be intruding!

SCP-292: …Alright, fine.

SCP-292: ...Totally fine!

SCP-292: Well, apparently, I had no idea what the fuck you were talking about.

C: I don’t think that you really knew what the fuck you were on about, or that I did either. I mean, you knew what you were talking about but —

SCP-292: ┘And so what?


C: Yes, but I didn’t actually understand!

SCP-292: I don’t think that you really heard what I was saying!

C: Oh, really?


SCP-292: Alright, look at this! [LOUDSLIDE]

SCP-292: Wait! I see what’s going on here! [CONTAMINATION]

C: Oh, I know!

SCP-292: This is what I thought was really fun! Look at this! [CONTAMINATION]

C: Oh, ha! Yes, this is really fun! I’m going to do something crazy to this [EXHALES]

SCP-292: I don’t know! Look at this! [EXHALES]

C: Oh, no, I know!

SCP-292: Oh! Oh God, I’m doing it!

SCP-292: Oh, no, no, no, no no… [EXHALES]

C: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No, fuck. No, no I'm doing it! I'm doing it! [EXHALES]

SCP-292: Oh, no, no, no no no no no no.

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