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Item #: SCP-294

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The primary chamber containing SCP-294 is to be locked at all times. Personnel assigned to SCP-294 are to be briefed on the safety procedures for Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 ("Music") with Foundation attention; the containers are to be loaded with food and water or are to be stocked with supplies when in testing ranges.

SCP-294 is to be unloaded, cleaned and inspected once per day to ensure no tampering has occurred. Attempts to prevent the storage of SCP-294 from being reported to authorities are ongoing, including delineating the containment procedures of SCP-294, and conducting testing.

Description: SCP-294 is an aerosol containing an amount of honey, citrus fruits, wine, and peanuts. SCP-294 underwent a complete malfunction of this kind on ██/██/20██. While SCP-294 was being loaded with candy, it spontaneously turned into a flat bamboo box containing used snacks. The contents of the box contained a bag of narugan, cake, oolong tea, and powdered peanut butter, all served by a machine.

After the object was properly secured, the object proceeded to travel around the laboratory for approximately 66 minutes before stopping at a containment breach. When SCP-294 was initially unloaded, the device's trigger was activated. This would become known as a potential SCP-294-1 event.

SCP-294-1 Description: SCP-294-1 is an ongoing government scandal concerning a corporation named SCP-294. As of ██/██/20██, SCP-294's containment procedures have been revised; replaced with a four-storey multi-leveled ice-cafer, and replaced with a video-game system, with designated storage space for SCP-294. This change has been documented in Document SCP-294-1.

SCP-294-1 had been operating under the same topography. It aspired to be a self-driving amusement park, producing a robot programmed as a "dolphin tail" that performed all activities necessary for mobile game operations. The artificial intelligence of SCP-294-1 was designed to mimic dolphins, and cause extreme bodily harm to personnel using consensus-of-agreeance intellectual property rights management. It was capable of operating on-and-off.

SCP-294-1 is equipped with a large variety of anomalous gear. Personnel wearing SCP-294-1 have been instructed to perform a standard battery of physical operations, as well as the experimentation with SCP-294; if they disobey personnel at any stage of the operation, all Operation: Omega will cease.

SCP-294-1 was discovered on ██/██/20██, when local news reported the disappearance of ███ ████-█████, a ██████-████-████ Class Emergence anomaly, at ██████, ██████████,█. Area ██ police were called out to investigating the scene and ████-███ ██ officers were detained for questioning.

Addendum SCP-294-001: Incident 294-1

On ██/██/20██, two teams of Foundation agents in the ██████ Police Department beamed up SCP-294 and were able to remove it from the containment chamber. The team led by Dr. K. Reiss was able to successfully bring it back out of its storage chamber after retrieving eighteen lab-grown trash bags. The team led by Agent K. D. Nelson was considered to be negligent, and given a reprimand.

Document SCP-294-1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-294 is to be kept at Site-45 until removed from Site-45 for a period of 10 years.

Description: MTF Iota-7 ("Winter Carnival"), "Lights in the Sky" was deployed in the █████████ area of Germany to observe SCP-294. Approximately 200 members of MTF Iota-7 were briefed on the containment procedures for SCP-294 and the consequences of an Iota-7-Ascale event, along with standard operating procedure for THIYO-Antimemetic Research: TOP SECURITY.

As UAV-7-B ("Capital of Hope") was conducting the inspection of SCP-294, the new-built main Hall of the Site-45 facility was breached. SCP-294 was loaded with some common food items, including flour, milk, and sugar. INT-093-2 ("Bones of Creation") was deployed to contain the end of the hall and facilitate the removal of Foundation assets from the area, while INT-093-1 ("everyone's crush") searched the area for clues. The Foundation assets arrived at the Site-45 main hall immediately, and removed all Foundation-provided security apparatus from the area. They then proceeded inside the containment chamber, where they found SCP-294 in the c

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