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Item #: SCP-295

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: This instance of SCP-295 is contained within a standard humanoid containment chamber. Personnel are provided with all necessary supplies, and connected to any necessary monitoring equipment. The chamber is to be cleaned weekly to remove any traces of SCP-295. If significant changes are detected, the chamber is to be cleared and re-equipped.

Description: SCP-295 is a humanoid entity located in █████████, Wisconsin. SCP-295 appears to be physically similar to a born child, and is known to be extremely durable. SCP-295 possesses the ability to animate and manipulate objects with its mind. SCP-295 is able to move around the room using the force of a hammer. SCP-295 is able to temporarily inactivate a soundproofing system within the room, allowing it to create a weaker level of soundproofing. This can be used to create compressed soundproofing, as well as an array of smaller soundproofing systems. SCP-295 is able to perform this function, making the soundproofing system more difficult to destroy.

SCP-295 may have grown or grown, both physically and mentally, over but not necessarily from up to 30,000kg, and can produce up to 5,000kg of material.

SCP-295 is known to be intelligent, and yet to possess no actual physical features. SCP-295 takes place in an environment with a regular temperature of 41C to 41B, and temperatures below or above that may cause SCP-295 to shrink and become thinner. In addition, SCP-295 apparently has a body mass of 14,700kg. Due to the lifespan of SCP-295, only one SCP-295 instance may survive to at least ██ years, and will normalize approximately ██% of its body mass each year.

SCP-295's main body, comprising of the head, arms, and legs, is composed of various tools, parts, and items, alongside some biological matter. These tools include but not be limited to:

•A wooden broomstick, which is used to destroy things by throwing it on objects.

•A part of a large wooden boat, which is used to leisurely navigate the water without exertion.

•RPMs, which are the sound effects generated whenever a sound is played on the player's fingers.

•Various PVC pipes, specially constructed to fit the presence of a door/floor, which are used as tools for exploration.

•A large painting of a miniature scenery, partially concealed behind the door of a human and a human child. The painting is identified as SCP-295's, and is on the wall as well.

•Backpacks, which are used in transportation to locations where SCP-295 is confined.

•A complex set of gears which are used to maintain the soundproofing system of the room itself.

•A toothbrush, which is used to cut and shape objects with the hand.

•A small machine which can be used to make a radio that is tuned to a different band, in the form of a [REDACTED].

SCP-295 appears to be 'unconscious' - SCP-295 is capable of using the abilities it possesses to perform all functions of a human being, in addition to new-found abilities. SCP-295 is also aware of its ability to function as a human being, as well as being able to function as a human or an automated individual. It appears to be able to survive when it is not in use and use other tasks besides soundproofing. SCP-295 apparently has an unknown voracious appetite, and appears to prefer non-soundproofing surfaces to live in.

SCP-295 possesses the ability to command the actions of any other human being. This is mainly useful for being able to shape objects into any shapes, such as circles and cubes. Alternatively, SCP-295 has been known to order any other human or AI to perform the same functions. This is mainly useful in utilizing its abilities in order to perform a multitude of useful tasks, as well as allowing it to carefully watch the group around it.

In addition, SCP-295 possesses a unique sense of humor. Unlike other instances of SCP-295, it appears to enjoy being humorous. This has resulted in SCP-295's differing personality to other instances.

See Incident 295-1 for more detailed information.

SCP-295 was recovered in SCP-████, ████, on ██/█/20██. After SCP-295 put a photo of a doll on the table at its residence, Agent █████ was found dead in the kitchen. Analysis of the body revealed that it had been dead for █ months. The subject had apparently been living in SCP-████. SCP-295 made notes on the brick and fence surrounding SCP-████.

Addendum 295-1: Interview

Interviewed: SCP-

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