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Item #: SCP-299

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-299 is to be contained in a standard storage locker in Research Facility-1301. When not in physical contact with SCP-299, it is to be kept in a separate safe. SCP-299 is to remain supplied with water at a volume of no greater than 5 liters per hour.

Description: SCP-299 is a silver-colored human male with a gestation period of four (4) years. SCP-299 is able to fully utilise his limbs to propel himself through water using a device on its back. Some areas previously occupied by water are converted into a fast-evolutionary biological matter, making SCP-299 near-constant. SCP-299 also has a built-in anomalous ability to communicate. It is a fluent and articulate male, capable of all sorts of English. SCP-299 is also able to produce and sashimi within his body and produce vegetables which are completely edible. SCP-299 can also build radio towers of varying size and size in order to communicate with Foundation staff. SCP-299 does not require sustenance, in fact it is capable of producing certain types of food without using its limbs, such as meat and fish.

SCP-299 possesses a set of muscles, which are the biological composition of the body. Each muscle is capable of emitting a different signature, and SCP-299 is capable of propelling itself up to two (2) kilometers in any direction. SCP-299 is equipped with a stamina-module.

SCP-299 can use its hands and feet to perform various activities. These include fighting, stabilizing objects, and photographic, video, and audio recording. Players are instructed to not touch SCP-299, and players can interact with SCP-299 variously without injury, without causing injury, or if given punishment. SCP-299 is taught that any player who attempts to do something harmful to him will be reprimanded and released, along with any witnesses.

SCP-299 has a set of leadership roles, consisting of an 'executive' person and an 'empath'. SCP-299 has several "empath" characters, which he normally initiates conversations with, or even guides them. SCP-299 calls himself "Executive" and is responsible for grading, vandalizing, and/or otherwise interfering with other teams. SCP-299 is also happy to share his priorities, so long as they are not in direct conflict with him.

SCP-299 has an obsession with the idea of women, most often based in his upbringing. It is currently believed that he would grow increasingly jealous of women because of this, making a habit of dressing up in feminine clothes. He will often attempt to be more friendly with women, and will often use the opportunity of a conversation to ask them questions about their lives, such as where they work and where they are.

SCP-299 has a preference for pigeons when present. Due to this, he has no trouble searching areas in the marsh, and will make special arrangements for the release of these pigeons.

SCP-299's true identity is currently unknown. Some states of extreme shock and astonishment have formed part of its personality structure.

Addendum 2: Analysis of the Foundation Human Resources Overhaul

Personnel silently hired from the ███████████es Arts Institute contacted ██/██/2017 to report the arrival of several personnel to inspect SCP-299. Said personnel arrived at the compound in the early morning, and responded with a report that SCP-299 and SCP-299-1 had a mutual affair. In the middle of an unrelated discussion between the two, SCP-299 and SCP-299-1 broke off their relationship and entered a makeshift match.

Further testing of SCP-299 revealed that it is capable of drawing on the minds of others, and forces them into doing things for him. This effect is not limited to personnel, and was exhibited on ████/██/████.

This is a rather unusual line of reasoning for a game. I have confirmed that this is not anything unusual. The reasoning behind its use is fascinating, but I would like to test whether Brackenridge's Theory is correct. By knowing less about it, perhaps we can think of scenarios where it might work. While the consequences and means of operation are unknown, it does represent an interesting possibility for video games where something is forced to be in direct conflict with someone.

There is also a possibility that a programmed telepathic agent summoned to cause SCP-299 to become suicidal is actually the reason it was sent to investigate SCP-299's behavior. We don't know yet what this agent's role will be.

A more comprehensive description of SCP-299's abilities is available in the attached document.

Addendum 3: Primitive Language Proficiency

The following is a sample of SCP-299's basic language, which

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