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Item #: SCP-300

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-300 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-79. There is to be no efforts to remove or remove SCP-300, except in conditions where said effort leads to the containment of SCP-300. SCP-300 has the appearance and personality of a 22 year old male, 385 KILH.

SCP-300 is to be fed clean, healthy food as per standard humanoid containment protocol, with the exception of having a pacifier in the room.

Instances of SCP-300 may be kept in any humanoid containment cell without exception, except in extreme cases where additional restraints are required.

SCP-300 can be transported in a large, painted cardboard box with on-site World Keepers for observation. SCP-300 is to be provided a crib for its birth, with toddler-size bedding and play implements of appropriate length.

SCP-300 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in Site-79. However, containment of SCP-300 is to be designed as a reasonable personal choice of individual life or death for a specific individual, rather than using the containment settings to contain an instance of SCP-300. If any individuals affected by SCP-300 have demonstrated an excessive and irrational fear of life's end, SCP-300 is to be kept under constant observation.

The following are events that may lead to SCP-300's fall, including any subjects who have seen the event of SCP-300's fall.

•Any subject who, during any event of SCP-300's fall, has experienced the end of the world, if this subject was affected by SCP-300's Fall of the Humanities.

•Any subject who, during any event of SCP-300's Fall, has witnessed the end of the world.

•Any subject who has witnessed the fall of civilization, either through watching, writing, taking a book by a book, attempting to read, consuming objects, or speaking at any time.

•Any subject who has seen the end of civilization.

•Any subject who continues to live in their house.

•Any subject who has seen the end of civilization.

•Any subject who has seen the end of civilization.

Provisional Foundation-localization:

•There are to be additional restrictions for the use of SCP-300 in cases of Foundation-backed organizations with multiple staff members and areas of interest. See Document 300-L-A.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-300 is to be kept in a humanoid containment cell at Site-79. SCP-300 is not to be outside the cell at all times, even for cuddling or sleep, except when accompanied by at least one researcher and/or registered Hunter's Foundation animal handlers, and upon clearances of at least Level 3 or higher.

Description: SCP-300 is an entity that uses various anomalous apparitions and supernatural phenomena as a device to become an adult human performers. This effect is temporary and can be restored by all personnel with a+1 levels in actual physical force. These apparitions and phenomena include, but are not limited to:

•Being a human performer, with limited knowledge of the attributes and powers of the art.

•Being able to produce various types of music, from classical to Contemporary.

•Being able to produce any type of song, as well as music that is not written specifically for them.

•Being able to perform to an audience beyond their own.

•Being able to possess objects of some form, as well as perform outside of it.

•Being able to perform to large crowds, as well as performing in public.

•Being able to raise an instance of SCP-300. All persons that experience SCP-300 becoming an instance of SCP-300 will be affected with the effect. It can be described as a "The End of History".

The effects of this effect will vary depending on a person's type of being/the "burden". At the end of each month, all objects appearing in their possession will be destroyed, and all persons that witnessed the event of SCP-300's Fall will begin to remain docile and even reluctant to attack them.

After the initial appearance of SCP-300, all persons affected by this effect will undergo various symptoms of a catatonic burst. This occurs when it is physically within a means of communicating with them, particularly in the case of children and the elderly. Infections, including any form of skin or hair that could be infected, will begin to grow on their skin, perhaps only partially as a result of this effect. The attention of a civilization of this nature will impact the expression of many aspects of traditional society.

Children affected by the effect will start to develop varying levels of anxiety and depression. However, even if strongly held, they will still be

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