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Item #: SCP-301

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The project is to be done with the cooperation and assistance of SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303, and has to be approved by a three-man board of expeditionary personnel for each task. SCP-301 and SCP-302 and SCP-303 are held in Site-███, and Site-███. A full-time security staff of at least four men is to be in position at Site-███, to prevent situations within Site-███. Also, a detachment of ten (10) operatives with the knowledge and training of SCP-301 and SCP-302 and a detachment of ten (10) personnel with the knowledge and training of SCP-303's/SCP-302 and SCP-303 are to move to Site-███. A group of fifteen (15) Foundation personnel are to accompany external teams to Site-███ to monitor for conditions outside of SCP-301's conditions of containment. The external team members are to be briefed on any changes in SCP-301's condition.

Description: SCP-301 refers to a series of images of unknown authorship. The images appear to depict the first four books of the Maclean's series (e.g. Is this how SCP-301 is known to be associated with writing) in a manner similar to reconciliation.

SCP-301 is able to write within the confines of SCP-3011, appearing to be able to write and draw on a staff of various lengths and materials, and write new scenes with varying amounts of ingenuity. SCP-301 is able to manipulate objects and entities using its writing and draw upon them with its own touch.

SCP-301-1 is a collaboration of SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303, accounting for the content of a number of texts, including:

Interference: A collection of text, with a unique sample.

On the Battle of the Belt: A collection of text describing the Battle of the Belt, particularly on the point of invasion.

The Sun and Serpent: In various locations, an examination of the position of said sun and serpent.

Shadow and Dreams: A collection of text, describing various aspects of the nature of SCP-301.

The Painted Man and the Kaleidoscope: A collection of text, describing the nature of the Kaleidoscope.

SCP-301's other most notable assets are the ability to communicate with other individuals within SCP-3011, and the ability to use subjects outside of SCP-3011 to bring containment sites and personnel into action. In addition, it is able to draw upon members of various organizations within SCP-3011 for components of its own design. See Language Research Lab: SCP-301/07 for more information.

I am writing to you now.

SCP-301-2 is a collection of photographs, manuscripts, and other media related to SCP-301 and SCP-302. The photographs are permanent, and remain static until viewed by SCP-301. The writings and writings of SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303 resemble a statistical snapshot of the world, albeit rearranged and altered somewhat. The content of each item is varied, but the only notable thing to make clear is that SCP-301 contains the majority of existing writings that are in the form of a chronological narrative (including SCP-301XL-A).

SCP-301-3 describes a collection of previously unknown books that do not appear to have been written on, rich with interesting stories, and are filled with information regarding SCP-301. SCP-301-3 is consistent with many other writings of the period, particularly writing later than 2000 years, SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303. SCP-301-3 is composed of a random number of components, each centrally located on a piece of leaf paper. SCP-301 has been shown to have knowledge of the SCP-3013 papers and the copy of SCP-301 that SCP-301-1 and -2 are able to access.

SCP-301-4, an unclassified collection of quotes from various political and literary figures.

A Joke: A fictional Facebook post, usually a joke about future events.

Inspiring an Idea: Discussion of ideas and other thoughts.

The Wampus' Gift: A poem that contains a device.

Some Continuity, Others Not: The writing of SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303.

Automatic Occurrence Detector: A device capable of determining the unique location of a specific object, object, thought, etc.

I Make Maps And I Will Always Love You: A collection of documents about the life of Jack Bright.

SCP-301-5 contains all of SCP-301, SCP-302, and SCP-303, with a certain chronology prefix prefix.

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