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Item #: SCP-302

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-302 and, potentially, the record of its existence and the potential to cause a containment breach, it is to be kept in a super-keen, toxic controlled biological containment locker in the ██████ biocontainment wing at Site 21.

Description: SCP-302, commonly known to the Foundation as "Lurkers", was discovered in ██████, Michigan, reportedly in the apartment of Dr. ██████. The use of SCP-292 (formerly Manna Charitable Foundation) to eliminate the parasite is currently pending approval from senior researcher Dr. ██████.

Upon recovery and containment SCP-302 was discovered to have attracted a large number of live specimens of SCP-292 to its containment chamber. The parasite took up large quantities of SCP-292 and attempted to breach containment by crawling onto personnel. Medical personnel attempted to use amnestics, but were mocked and threatened.

SCP-302 appears to have learned of SCP-292's existence and specific usefulness. SCP-302 will read aloud and imitate the voices of any deceased humans it encounters, but refrain from listening to them. This is repeated regardless if questions regarding an existing member of SCP-292 are asked. Infection by SCP-292 is always fatal to the individual, and has not yet been fatal to SCP-292 itself.

Discovery: SCP-292 was recorded as drowning victim ██████ ████████, an avid writer and musician. SCP-292 was located in the bathtub of █████ ███████, who had drowned a decade earlier. SCP-292 was retained for study and containment.

Addendum302-1: Incident 302-11

On 08/31/2018, while conducting a study of repeated pluripotent stem cells of various species in the bloodstream, Dr. ██████ was infected by SCP-292. The experiment was carried out of the (initiated) sterilization room, where several containers of SCP-292 had been placed upon the desk.

While the experiment was planned on the back of the car, Dr. ██████ died in the ensuing firefight. SCP-292 was found in the adjacent parking lot, next to his car.

Interview 302-013

Interviewed: SCP-292

Interviewer: Agent ████

Foreword: This interview was conducted before SCP-292 began feeding people within a 1.8-meter radius.

Agent ████: Hello, SCP-292.

SCP-292: Sure.

Agent ████: What are you doing here?

SCP-292: I was just thinking.

Agent ████: What do you mean?

SCP-292: The lesson is. I have to learn how to survive in the middle of nowhere.

Agent ████: It was…

SCP-292: My lesson is to survive.

Agent ████: I'm sorry, can you elaborate?

SCP-292: You never know what you're going to find yourself in. You gotta show some kind of intelligence, you know? Not to puke on my language, but I don't know how to do that, either.

Agent ████: And you have to learn how to survive?

SCP-292: How?

Agent ████: You've seen pictures of cities that aren't as smelly as you want. I know it sounds like you.

SCP-292: Oh, well. It's the best trick the human brain has and it works with picture plots.

Agent ████: Pictures?

SCP-292: Yeah.

Agent ████: Give me a picture of a city, I wouldn't know if it's slimey or clean.

SCP-292: Well, good. But you gotta find some kind of interesting place.

Agent ████: And what kind of place would that be?

SCP-292: Well, it depends. My-

Agent ████: Well, it depends. It wouldn't be that hard for you to get a picture of a wall to take.

SCP-292: Hey!

Agent ████: I wouldn't know what that looks like.

SCP-292: No, no, no, no, no, not that hard.

Agent ████: I'd actually rather if you didn't tell me that. You've just come up with a whole field from there!

SCP-292: Well, I got a picture of a city I love toenail ball, the best way to make sure I don't get one of those. But it's not actual.

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