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Item #: SCP-303

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-303 is contained in an old steel glass container with a vat of water. The inside of the container is to be kept specially fitted to allow direct heating of SCP-303. SCP-303 is to be topped with a water sprayer with a hose run into the wall next to the container to allow the hose to run at a constant rate. To prevent the object from being used for medical purposes, SCP-303 is to be monitored with a special detector and remote collected mechanical system. The system is to be monitored at all times via a motion detectors and wireless network monitoring system to ensure compliance. Object is to be stored in a standard locked container at −███-███████, in a standard humanoid containment cell. Object is to be kept inside its container while it is being heated.

Description: SCP-303 is a wooden sculpture, located in ██████, ████████. The object has a number of anomalous properties, although no other anomalous properties are known to exist in the object.

SCP-303 does not show any change in mass per minute, despite extreme force and friction applied to the object, producing extreme heat with high temp coefficient. When a human being inserts the camera into SCP-303's container, the volume extends and extends until it becomes unbalanced. When the object is tilted on its side, the heat of the object is still present in its hands, but the temperature of objects attached to it (e.g. hair sticks to the object) are unaffected.

As the heat does not increase during contact with SCP-303, the object displays no apparent resistance to damage from external agents. SCP-303's container is 5 meters in diameter, and has been secured with a double saw, a small rope, some wire, and a small magnet. All other samples of SCP-303 are in good condition.

SCP-303's container is made of steel. The fabric is of a wood similar in composition to linen, with many marks on it, but the glue does not have any ink or other stains. SCP-303 protrudes from the bottom of the container. This top is partially filled with Chinese ink, and is only notable by the stain of a blue stain on its left leg.

SCP-303 is anchored to a 3m electrical hook. The lights inside SCP-303 are to be dimmed before it is removed for study. The hooks are wired to activate upon touching SCP-303.

If the object is left in contact with the material, the air and sun inside of it will ignite and burn through the outermost layer of SCP-303. A thin layer of burning material is left in place. If the object is not removed, the entire item will undergo a major chemical reaction. If the object is placed in contact with any material with a temperature greater than 517C, the metal will start to bend at a curve, becoming thinner and lighter, until the point at which the object starts to shrink, reaching an energy integrated level. The process will stop at this point.

If the object is not removed from the environment while these effects are happening, all skin on the body of the object will burn, and the substance will appear to dissolve. This is not the case if SCP-303 was placed in a regular safe, such as a cup of water or a small table. This is the only evidence that SCP-303 can exist outside of a body such as a body, though its internal temperature is still capable of dissolving with a mundane heat.

Addendum 303-A: Containment Procedures

To minimize incidents of SCP-303's containment breach, all tests involving SCP-303 must be conducted in a controlled environment. Any low-level personnel who are assigned to SCP-303 are also required to wear two-piece suits and protective gloves when handling the object, especially when inside or activated. Larger staff are encouraged to wear reusable, disposable gloves. Personnel in the field are encouraged to use thermogen-shield goggles in an off-site setting.

Description: SCP-303 appears to be a wooden sculpture of a man "Burned". The coloration can be described as being dark red in coloration, with a Fatherland emblem on the back. SCP-303 should be rotated 1.5 times each day. The base itself is composed of several types of wood, each with unique properties in drawing light, warmth, or warmth. The red-brown woods are responsible for producing the majority of the heat, while the blue- and yellow-green woods contain the heat of the hot red wood. The Ashlar and Baltic woods are used for making the volatile riding cobs used to give the object temperature, while the white-pine, pine, and elm are responsible for the cold.

SCP-303 is present on land and water in a number of states, but does

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