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Item #: SCP-304

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-304 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-78. It is to exhibit no self-awareness, and will only react to external stimuli. It is to be fed in the event of SCP-304's death.

Description: SCP-304 is a humanoid with no apparent external and internal anatomy, but is to be referred to as SCP-304-1. SCP-304-1 is to be dressed in clothing suitable for the weather. It is to have no tattoos, piercings, herbal remedies, or scars on its person. SCP-304-1 will, in all other respects, be attractive and attractive-looking in every manner. Several instances of SCP-304-1, including SCP-304-1-1, are to be provided with long hair and clothing. In the event of SCP-304-1's death, its body will be properly taken into custody by personnel with Level 2 and above clearance, and SCP-304-1 will be kept in an operating center in the Site-78 Surgical Wing (SSW).

SCP-304-1 will remain unconscious indefinitely, and will remain aware of the death of SCP-304-1 and SCP-304-1-1, and will often refer to them as "he" and "they" as it does so. No body is to be removed from SCP-304-1's reanimation if judged to be physically dead. Hypnotic conditioning is to be applied to SCP-304-1, and has been proven to be mildly effective in inducing it to self-harm at will. SCP-304-1 is not to be surrounded by guards and audiovisual surveillance equipment.

SCP-304-1 is a muscular, 5'5" woman, roughly 3 times as tall as a normal human, with snow-white hair and average-looking features. SCP-304-1 appears to be of average age when physically un-challenged. SCP-304-1-1 is to interact with personnel with the appropriate clearance, at which time it is to be administered Class-A amnestics and released. SCP-304-1 will argue with personnel with the appropriate codebreaking level (Level 2 or higher); it will generally ignore them if offered a cup of coffee or other costsumed entertainer.

SCP-304-1 will request to meet potential victims of SCP-304-1. When it is given sufficient discretion, it will arrange a meeting between the victim of SCP-304-1 and SCP-304-1-1, with the victim asking SCP-304-1-1 to "treat" the victim. SCP-304-1-1 will then be chosen as a plan of attack, with all of the victims focusing on direct physical injury and bodily damage to SCP-304-1, while dropping mass-counseling for assistance. SCP-304-1 will then offer its assistance to the victim, and will typically accompany them to their target area to remain undamaged. Once interaction with SCP-304-1 has been completed, SCP-304-1-1 will then start to waylay SCP-304-1-1 and SCP-304-1-1, and will follow them back to their target area after providing them with food. SCP-304-1 will then come to SCP-304-1-1's location, and will follow the victim to the bathroom as they leave, in the following order.

SCP-304-1-1 will follow SCP-304-1-1 to a sink, and proceeds to use the sink as a urinal. SCP-304-1-1 will then take a seat on the perc

n, and begin urinating. SCP-304-1-1 will then proceed to urinate, and will periodically beat this "stain" against the ripened tissue with their hands. Eventually, the "stain" has been completely removed. SCP-304-1-1 will then attempt to urinate in less than two hours, and will actually attempt to leave the sink. It will then return to the table, and will end the self-destructive behavior.

SCP-304-1-1 will not appear to mention charges of self-harm against the victims within three hours of the self-harm event.

Addendum 304-01: After Incident 304-1-02, SCP-304 was re-established in a standard humanoid containment method. SCP-304-1 was then separated during Interview 304-05-E- and re-introduced to the room next to the right bathroom. SCP-304-1 was not removed for physical examination, and was allowed to leave the room at its leisure. After approximately two weeks, SCP-304-1 began to talk back to SCP-304-

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