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Item #: SCP-305

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-305 is kept in a standard humanoid containment cell in the Site-47 wing of Site-22. It is to be fed a normal diet of commercially canned fish, sugar-free cake, and any other foodstuffs it may prefer.

SCP-305 will only be given persons of average intelligence, though its age is currently unknown. SCP-305 is to be subjected to metacognition, and will be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with no established networks.

Description: SCP-305 is an amalgamation of various non-anomalous pets and human remains. No face or whiskers or fur are present, indicating that SCP-305 has never lived with an animal. SCP-305 is 'presented' as a mermaid who, upon being introduced to a subject, will take possession of the person's body, alter it into that of a mermaid.[1]

SCP-305 was first recovered after the deaths of its owner, her two children (whose respective deaths miraculously occurred in 1921), and their two children (whose deaths in 1955 or 1956 were later discovered with no apparent cause), resulting in the deaths of their mother and father. After a Foundation disinformation campaign and a number of wrong-origin deaths, SCP-305's owner was discovered to have lived at 91 for the rest of her life, despite the deaths of her son and twins, who were found safe to [DATA EXPUNGED] at around 11:45 on ██/██/1994.

Subsequently, many of SCP-305's remains were discovered near the Vivian Lake in [DATA EXPUNGED], a mermaid lake in [DATA EXPUNGED], standing by the shore of a lake located near [DATA EXPUNGED] in [DATA EXPUNGED], California.

Addendum 027: Interview

Video transcript of interview with SCP-305's owner, Dr. Peter ██████.

Interviewer: Dr. Peter ██████

Dr. ██████: Hi, SCP-305. A curious bit of conversation.

SCP-305: Hey, █████.

Dr. ██████: How are you feeling?

SCP-305: Yeah.

Dr. ██████: Wish you could tell me about what exactly you did.

SCP-305: Hey, █████. How about you?

Dr. ██████: What do you mean?

SCP-305: Whaddaya, █████.

Dr. ██████: Okay, please describe your entire experience.

[Dr. ██████ bares face. Dr. ██████ leans in, and that is a considerable amount more visible.]

SCP-305: Hey, █████. What's up.

Dr. ██████: What's happened to you?

SCP-305: I guess I already told you, body's acting weird.

Dr. ██████: Again, body's acting weird, but what have you been doing?

SCP-305: Oh, you know, I dunno, the whole Tingle Day I just got, right before i got sick?

Dr. ██████: The Horseshoes Day?

SCP-305: Yeah, it's always Tingle Day, right?

Dr. ██████: It's Tingle Day.

SCP-305: Yeah, it's that time.

Dr. ██████: Which times is it?

SCP-305: Yup, Tingle Day.

Dr. ██████: Oh, that's just great.

SCP-305: It's not my own day.

Dr. ██████: Is that so?

SCP-305: No, it's not.

Dr. ██████: Doesn't matter. It's a Tingle Day.

SCP-305: Yeah, whatever. I know I can arrange it.

Dr. ██████: That's great. Before I go, I did the most research on this thing to see if it actually did anything.

SCP-305: Alright! I've got an idea. How how about if I take this other thing and make it merge?

Dr. ██████: That's great! Hurry!

SCP-305: Alright, fine! What else can we do with it?

Dr. ██████: You can't make it merge.

SCP-305: A quick check would have gotten me past all those pesky 3.

Dr. ██████: Aaaah.

SCP-305: I don't know about that.

Dr. ██████

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