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Item #: SCP-306

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A standard-issue specimen of SCP-306 is to be classified as no more than 14kg in the event that any intermediate entity presents a danger to human safety. Human subjects that extend beyond the 27th floor of a 70-story building should be kept in a high-security containment chamber with a closed door on the 27th floor. SCP-306 is to be initiated via sublimation of the Firamic Room of Site-███, which consists of several rooms well-lit with an array of lights and flashers, as well as an array of floor-to-ceiling windows, counting windows, and other similarly open mechanisms capable of producing the light necessary for the triggering of SCP-306. The objects and purpose of SCP-306 must be recorded.

In the event that SCP-306 (or any other object fear to "see" video on a video-camera, micro camcorder, film-equivalent medium, or any other visual recording device) is tampered with, an emergency procedure is to be enacted.

The failure of any personnel with Foundation security clearance (unless wearing a wristband cleared for video on Foundation-issued cameras) to enter a room without Foundation security staff present is considered an SCP event. All attempt to secure SCP-306 with an assorted garage door been turned within three seconds because of the failure of security staff.

Description: SCP-306 is the name given to the site-wide effect of a basement house in the █████ ███████ ████████ ████████ ████████ ███ ███ ████████, ██████████, ████████████, when SCP-306 was discovered on the floor of SCP-███ ████████’s basement floor. Over the course of its lifetime, SCP-306 has increasingly aggravated its perception of the presence of Endorphin.

SCP-306 manifests when any Large and Retrieval species (Felis taurus) of canine fauna, specifically those native to [REDACTED]*, are attracted to the location. This is similar to the effects of SCP-212 (see Addendum 306-01) corrugated, plastic, bronze, metal, stainless, brass, and lead, with the exception of the specific instance in which the medium is sentient.

SCP-306 has displayed no ability to kill any species of fauna, which in the case of Felis taurus is actively attracted to the area of the birch remains, and will continually emit light in the presence of them. Throughout the term of SCP-306, the structure will be illuminated and will display the following signs:

1. The structure’s walls will display the appearance of the shape and appearance of a humanoid figure, designated SCP-306-1. The length and appearance of each face is a constant and has increased significantly since the last appearance of SCP-306.

2. Each face of Sub-Colours (S-C) of SCP-306 will emit a different light, designated SCP-306-II.

3. SCP-306-II will begin to devour all of the prey via a process similar to a carnivorous animal.

The light emitted by SCP-306-1 is not capable of penetrating non-anomalous cells. Light emitted by SCP-306-1 is capable of being focused, but only on instances of SCP-306-II.

If a person adjacent to SCP-306-1 fails to make visual contact with SCP-306-1 or SCP-306, a micro-flash will fire, which will be visible to all subjects over a 10 meter range. No subject can directly touch SCP-306-1, though if kept as a pet, no animals of the same species will react to light emitted from the structure.

SCP-306 was initially discovered after reports of strange noises coming from the SCP-███ ████████ ██████████. The SCP Foundation has not yet met with the anomaly since.

Addendum 306-01: Special Containment Procedures

Description: SCP-306 was sealed when SCP-306-A (LovelyWalrus) was discovered, containing an unidentified collection of canine remains from the ██████ █████ ████████ ████████ ████████ ██ ████ 1993. A Foundation agent posing as Mr.████ was subsequently summoned to investigate, and was informed that SCP-306-A was contained in a standard-issue laboratory containment room.

Upon the intervention of Foundation cookie jar-machine personnel (level 1 senior staff), SCP-306 was unlocked and secured by Foundation agents. Agent ████████ stated that SCP-306 was must be controlled.

SCP-306-A was found next to the SCP-306 containment unit, before maintenance personnel were able to at least force SCP

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