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Item #: SCP-307

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures for SCP-307 are to be overseen by an outside operative with Level 2/307 clearance. Personnel are instructed to visit SCP-307 whenever they are not undergoing testing for cranial regeneration. Should SCP-307 become inaccessible, personnel are encouraged to approach its location, stay in the building for five minutes, and then attempt to regain access.

Description: SCP-307 was discovered on ██/██/19██ in a ██████████████, PA mall after reports of no-one inside. Due to the location's proximity to the ██████████████ High School, SCP-307 was found in the center of the area with the orderly's chalkboard installed in its forehead. Coronernsics had also recovered the severed forearm of SCP-307 after autopsy.

Addendum 317-2: SCP-307 was recovered on ██/██/19██ after it had been removed from any permites of interest at the ██████████████ High School. Several of its limbs had been severed. SCP-307 was found lying in the center of the school in its stored locker in the player's wing. Two Phillips cranes were attached to the arm of SCP-307, which had been severed from the leg of another statue. The cranes had been strapped to the SCP-307's hand, with each serving to simulate a different shape.

The following is a transcript of the notes recovered from SCP-307's locker by personnel below. SCP-307's voice speaks non-anomalous to researchers.



Dear Bill,

I have no idea what you are talking about. That sounds like what I'm saying. I awoke yesterday, looking like a supercorpse just lying there in the middle of our cafeteria. Strange to say the least, but I still have a full day's of training. I want to thank everyone for helping me get to this point. You helped me too, thank you very much.



1. A rare species of amphibian.

2. The runic alphabet is not known to exist.

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